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Monday, 4 August 2008

Whoops, just bought more stamps!

Sorry I haven't been around, I have had a few problems like not feeling well then getting bitten and getting an infected leg, so I am sitting here with the footstool from the lounge under my desk with my leg up which isn't too bad!

So with that and the holiday I haven't got any more cards made, or taken photos of the quick cards so I can bag them up but I will.

I have started a companion blog to tell all I know about crafting (shouldn't take long then!), and I started a section on stamps. (there will be a beginner section before that when I get round to doing it).

I have only got as far as mounted and unmounted rubber stamps and I mentioned magnetic then popped over to Rubbadubbadoo to check the link and they are having a sale! How can I resist at those prices?
I also ordered some stamps from I Brake for Stamps, and some punches from a good Ebay seller in the U.K.

The lovely lady at I Brake for Stamps asked me if I wanted to pay $8 or $12 for postage, I said $8 and she told me she will post them today (as it is still day over there).

The punches I ordered are a dragon border punch, a baby feet border punch and another Puzzle punch as I am quite impressed with the first one and will be posting about it on the other blog when I get to punches!

Now here are a few photos from "sunny" Torquay! Mostly with birds and all but one are gulls, spot the one sitting on top of the fountain? I had hoped to get a better shot but I don't think I used my new lens for that one.

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