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Saturday, 23 August 2008

New babies

A couple of days ago we discovered there was a messy nest in the wisteria over the patio, and in it are two baby collared doves, despite the dogs! One is very shy, the other is a bit more bold, and what gave them away was a pile of you know what on the patio under the nest! This angle is the only one I can see and take photos but I did stand on a step stool to get a better shot.
I have included a photo of mum or dad taken a while ago.
The jungle photo does have the braver baby peeping through the leaves, it is a good hiding place I think.

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  1. what fab pics, I have a pair of doves in my garden, or should I say HAD, a sparrow hawk got one a few weeks ago..awfully sad now, as I miss seeing rhm sitting out by the tree they live in! They spend most of there time chasing magpies out


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