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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dragonfly days

I had this visitor in the conservatory today, so I took a photo before catching it to release outside. I also got a better shot of baby bird, these babies are so big they must be going to leave the very small nest soon.

Perhaps I should make some bird and dragonfly cards after the current project which is a golden wedding card.

Did you know there is a British Dragonfly Society? Lots of photos and maps of sightings of dragon and damsel flies.


  1. Hi Carol
    Finally back online, what a relief, definitely had withdrawal symptoms. Just catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Loving your photos aren't the dragonflies spectacular? Hope all is well with you, keep in touch. Linda x

  2. Aww sweet photos, that bird looks like it's a young collar dove...or a dove of some kind anyways!


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