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Friday, 8 August 2008

Some quick cards and new stamps

A few new stamps, the box full are stamps by Crackerbox and the others are Penny Black and one Inkadinkado (the cafe scene).

The cards are my first attempt to use up the big basket of embellishments, I decided to get stuck in and just make some quick cards that I could sell perhaps a little cheaper than usual and that will make room for other stuff. The basket is hardly dented so I have a long way to go!

I have had quite a week or two, I lost my glasses at work, I had a spare at home but then I "lost" those when I was off sick. When I went back to work I found the second pair in the car.

Today I was sitting on my office chair, moved back and heard a cracking noise and something falling off the chair, when I looked down there were the first "lost" glasses"! Spooky! I had been phoning round, retracing my steps, searching cars and getting other people to search their cars - so how did I not see them on my chair? They must have dropped out of my bag when I was packing up and lodged in the bend at the back of the chair obscured by my cushion! They are in a grey case so don't show up well - maybe I need fluorescent green!

I got bitten by an insect and it got infected so I had antibiotics, but I had two days where I was feeling really ill and couldn't go to work, I just slept all day.


  1. your going to need a whole spare room just for your stamps soon honey, another gorgeous lot :)

    i know quite a few people of late who have got bitten quite badly and needed to go to docs and/or hosp!!! so hope your okay x

  2. Wow Cazzy what a fantastic selection of cards - you have been a busy bee. ;) :) Well done you. :) :)

    And those stamps - wow - more new ones - you have gotta be the queen of stamps. :) :)


  3. Lovely blog, really enjoyed having a look at your work, and those stamps are fantastic, enjoy creating.

    Sarah x

  4. Love the stamps Caz. Hope the infection is clearing up.

    take care



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