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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Weekend in Exeter

We had a nice weekend in Exeter despite the weather, but it brightened up on Monday and was quite nice.

We went to see Peer Gynt performed at the new theatre by the Cygnet training company. It was very enjoyable and different with three rows of chairs each side of the room with the performance in the middle. It was extremely good value at £8 each, and we went on the off chance of getting in. At half time you could purchase a hot drink and some chocolate or biscuits - all very civilised!

On Sunday we visited the craft exhibition at Westpoint. Well I did, DH came in for a while then sat in the car but not before I made him stay and watch Alan and Barry to get the free gift at the end, I had signed up for a workshop and it clashed with the show, but we didn't win the big prize! I attended a Metal Magic workshop and watched Ready Steady Craft and later chatted to Debbie Moore on her stall, and I bought a few things (more than DH thinks I did) from Debbie and other stalls, but not as much as I have at shows before. There weren't many bargains, and I didn't have time to go round slowly looking after the workshop and show. I bought a bowl of chips with grated cheese and a can of soft drink which cost me £5.50!
I was going to buy some pick and mix card on the way out but the seller was so rude and wouldn't let me as the show was closing and more to the point I only had a cheque and not enough cash by then. Annoyingly he had just let another woman buy a box minutes before!

I have had more rubber stamps arrive (I bought some clear ones at the show too)!

On Monday we visited the Donkey sanctuary, and found Little Vijay who was very bad tempered at having to meet us! There were other friendlier donkeys, one was called Solo (47 years old) and was lovely.
We saw Little Vijay working giving disabled children a riding lesson too, he seemed to behave in there!

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