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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Did you miss me (again)????

It started with a wet patch on the carpet in the hall, well it had been raining hard enough to cause floods! I asked what it was, DH said "I thought it was something to do with you" - I had only just walked through the door having been at work all day! I said no, so he tried to blame it on our son - I tried the dogs or the new door.

So he got the carpet up, totally soaked underneath and a big puddle, and he called the door people but by the time they came he had realised it was the plumbing (I think he put that bit in) to the radiator in the extension (my craft room) and he started drilling the concrete up! The door people came and he didn't confess but let them put sealant along the bottom!

We managed to contact our plumber, who had just had an eye operation, but came out anyway and spent the morning replumbing the radiator - we had no heating for a couple of days, and had to use the electric to heat the shower water. Also during the process DH removed some boxing round some pipes and that meant the phone socket was hangin on it's wires - the plumber managed to knock the whole thing off so no phone and no internet!

I finally managed to rewire the thing, but the BT wires are a bit short and one snapped - I had to join it and hope for the best, then I still couldn't get on line but strangly my son could upstairs. I decided I would have to take it to bits and change the wires round, which didn't make any difference - then I checked the back of the PC and found the wire wasn't pushed in properly - so I am back now!

I have discovered that I lost the envelope with the bits and pieces I made in the Debbie Moore workshop, I must have dropped them or left them in the hotel.

I had the oriental papers and vellums arrive that I paid for at the show but were out of stock, Debbie sent them without charging postage on top, so now I can recreate the stuff I did in the workshop.

I have still not loaded the photo software or photos back onto the PC, I want the disk that my son got with his camera as it is more up to date than the one I have for my Cannon camera even though they are totally different models the software is the same.


  1. Hi Cazzy, I do miss you! I miss us swapping comments on the old forum blogs! This isn't quite the same, but still nice to see what everyone is getting up to and is doing craft wise.

    Take care blog buddy...

  2. I know what you mean, I used to read and post every day if I could!

    This is less of a police state though!


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