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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Knitting, Stitching and Craft Exhibition Cardiff

I managed to get myself to the exhibition by train on Sunday. I haven't gone to Cardiff by train before, and the journey out was awful. The train before was cancelled so the one I was on was packed with people standing in the aisles, which I would have had to go but there were a couple of drop down seats. They were taken up by a couple of people's luggage but one of them moved a bag so the seat would drop and I sat on that. It was uncomfortable as I couldn't put my legs anywhere but in the aisle due to her bags and I kept getting bashed, I also got a very sore back which is still painful now. She got off a few stops before Cardiff and offered me her vacant seat which was so much more comfortable but the damage was done by then.

I found the Cardiff International Arena without too much trouble and after sitting eating my lunch that I took with me ( I forgot anything to eat it with so had to beg a plastic teaspoon, and it did leak a little into my bag, but never mind better than not being able to find anything I could eat) I walked round for a few hours. I didn't buy a lot, I had to remember not to get too much as I would have to lug it back but I took my M&S wheeled trolley which was perfect. I bought some plastic boxes and some devider trays for Really Useful boxes, and a couple of small pads of printed card and paper, some beads and clasps for knitted necklaces which were the most expensive thing I bought at £27 for four clasps and 4 beads, some Doodlebug papers, a DoCraft Goody bag (I have that one already but it has such nice things in, and actually some of them are different to the first one), some Lili fairy packs and a Christmas pack, and finally an A4 plastic box full of card from Payper Box which was only bought after I had been all round to make sure there wasn't anything else that was going to be heavy.

Coming back wasn't quite so bad, I got a seat and it was a much nicer train but I timed it wrong and had to wait a long time at the station. I think there were still people standing on this train but not so many. One girl was sitting on the filthy carpet in the corner sleeping against the wall!

There were some wonderful exhibitions of work, and one was a full size knitted gingerbread house raising money for Great Ormond Street hospital. I have some photos and will post them soon!

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