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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Electrical things arriving

The new dishwasher arrived today, my parents house sat - it should have come on Saturday but Dixons rang to say they couldn't deliver it then despite the website telling me it was booked! We could have it today or a week on Sunday! It isn't as classy as the Maytag, it is noisier and not so many programmes but hey if it washes dishes and doesn't keep breaking down it is superior! This one is a Kenwood. It has done it's first wash and what a strange smell - I hope the dishes don't smell like it, or taste like it - it probably says it should be run empty first time but Hubby was reading the instructions!

The other thing that arrived at my parents house while they were here house sitting was my freeview recorder.
When my parents got home there was a note from DHL saying they left it in the black bin, this was in the garden and it had been emptied that morning! My dad said it was lucky they use bags in the bin or it could have been nasty!
I have been lusting after this gadget for ages and saw it for a good price with an extra 10% off from Dixons too, had to buy it on the same day as the dishwasher to get the discount but it was £50 cheaper than I have seen it before. I didn't tell Hubby, I waited until he went to bed then I got it out, my cunning plan was to set it up and he would never notice as it is black and so is my little TV stand in my craft room so I would put it on the shelf and hide the box. My plan has been scuppered - the shelf is too shallow and it doesn't fit. So now I can either move the DVD player to the shelf and put the recorder on top with the TV stood on it (I want the TV on the wall but Hubby has been sulking since I bought a new TV and won't do it for me, and he might notice the new toy now). What shall I do with the huge DHL box I have flattened? He will notice it if I put it out, will he notice it stood in the corner, and will he notice the product box in among my mess? Will number one son notice it when he comes home tomorrow - hopefully he will keep quiet and not announce it to DH - he should be too busy sorting out stuff to move into his flat!
I put it underneath the TV stand, but that space is currently what the Craft Robo uses when cutting so I will have to rearrange things so the Robo is somewhere else with room (fat chance) or put the Robo on the floor every time I use it which could be a bit hazardous for me and it!

O.K. I have it set up and hooked up to the TV which is still working so that is a good sign. Everyone will be away this weekend so I can work it out and play, and the Robo is back in it's usual place which is hiding new gadget but I will still have to move Robo to use it as it needs space behind! Only problem was that the round hole Hubby cut in my bench to feed electrical plugs through to the surge protectors under the bench is not big enough for either the new plug or the TV plug and the new lead only just reached to the socket. I need the hole made bigger, but will have to move a lot of stuff before he can get to it unless I can have a go at making it bigger with a rasp or something! I want to hook it up to the PC too but I don't have a lead for that yet, or I don't think so.

Also today my Glue Dots automatic glue gun arrived! I had one that went wrong, but I wasn't sure how long I had it for. I contacted the Glue Dots people and said I was disappointed that it had gone wrong after only two or three refills had been used and I had spare ones I couldn't use. They told me to send it in and they would look at it, but they had it months and I chased it up a couple of times. Eventually a different person called Emma sorted it out for me and sent me a new one with a pack of glue dots and some of the motifs and flock - nice touch!

There are two parcels at the Post Office which I will probably have to get Saturday, I am not getting up early enough to get across town and back then on to work in the mornings. I think one is something my son bought, or they could be both for him. He is away on holiday or he might have gone to get them!

Now my central locking is playing up on the car, not what I need at the moment! The alarm went off as normal this morning - strange. Still had the beeping in the night but I came to the conclusion it could be something else not the clock - so I have removed one suspect from the bedroom and will see (or hopefully not hear) what happens tonight!

I hope you like the new look for the slide show - I just worked out how to change it today!

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