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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Washing Machine blues

Sunday my Dyson washing machine told me the coin trap needed emptying, and it wouldn't spin the towels. I couldn't find the tool to deal with the coin trap, I looked high and low but nothing! I should have phoned Dyson, they work Sundays but I forgot that, so we had dripping towels draped over radiators.
When I did ring them they said they could order me a tool, which would cost £4 but I could do the same thing with the end of a teaspoon!

So we had a go, it was hard but we managed it in the end and it was never easy with the correct tool! They don't make the washing machines any longer sadly, but I hope it will keep going for many years!

In the coin trap there was at least £1 in silver change, some small stones and some fibres, it was a wonder it was working at all!

Now it is all cleaned out and back to normal, but if I had phoned Sunday and found out I could use the teaspoon I would have been able to spin the towels as usual!

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