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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Electrical things Suicide week

Why do electrical things all go wrong at the same time? First it was the dishwasher, we have had it about two and a half years, it had a two year warranty and we had the engineer out several times to try and fix the same problem it has now - he never did fix it completely! So we decided it wasn't worth spending money on it if it carries on doing the same thing so a new one is on the way tomorrow!

Then my brand new printer bought a couple of weeks ago jammed. I was printing photos to cut out on my Craft Robo to finish my son's graduation exploding box, he graduated a month ago but my old printer wasn't printing properly and I am using photos from the graduation. He will be home to collect some stuff to move into his new flat this weekend, and I wanted to print off some bigger photos and frame them for him too.
I contacted Epson and two days later they got back and told me to take it to an Express Centre, as listed on their website. I looked and there is a local one but I will have to carry it quite a way from the car to the shop, and back and it is heavy and I don't want to drop it! I am on my own this weekend too. I am to phone them first and make sure they have the same model in stock to be able to replace it. I sent an email back to Epson saying I am not impressed as this is not a budget printer, the last printer I had developed a problem and they sent an engineer out who replaced it and it was fine for years. If it was a cheap light printer it would be fine. I don't know if they will be any more help though. I also emailed PC World today as I bought it from them online but they are not listed as an Express Centre, if I could take it back to the one not far from work I could drive it there and not have to carry it far, in fact they would probably come and get it out the car for me. So I will have to wait and see if I get a favourable response from them or Epson!

The alarm clock decided to join in a couple of nights ago, it went off just before midnight, I accused Hubby, but he denied it. Then last night it went off twice around midnight and then didn't go off this morning. I thought it was my son this time as Hubby was to take him to the airport in the middle of the night, but when I checked the alarm times (there are two of them) are still set on what they were and not altered, so why did they go off and will it happen tonight?
Deep joy - another disturbed night if it does!


  1. Your not having a great time with the electrical items Cazzy poor you.

    just looked over all your blog - great work, will pop again now I have your addy. :)

    Debbie x

  2. Thanks Debbie, this is my first ever comment on this blog!


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