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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year & WOYWW #239

I got in the mood for making Christmas cards - after Christmas, and that is what is going on here! At the back is my altered dictionary for The Alpha Challenge, and I have one page to complete but just realised as it is New Year's day I have just missed the deadline, I really didn't want to do that but was convinced I had until the end of the week in my head!
Happy New Year to you all, and head on over to The Stamping Ground for a New Year nosy round everyone's desks. I will post my pages, one is ready, has been for days now, so why didn't I load it - well we had a house full of visitors and after they left Sunday I couldn't get back into routine. They are coming back Friday for the weekend too. So the table is still laid up for family and I haven't got the photo studio out at all.
I would like to thank you all for your gentle hugs and good wishes last week, I am a bit better this week, down to prescription painkillers just at night, though I haven't managed to go out walking, and have only been out by car to family parties since last week.


  1. ah Cazzy smiled at your beginning I often make lots of Christmas cards in January .. mostly so dont have the heady deadline in Dec.!!

    Gentle bloggy hugs for more healing not fun I know....
    happy WOYWW and God bless for 2014 (no number yet) Shaz in Oz.x.

  2. Happy New Year Cazzy! What a fab desk picture- so much to see and poke around in. Glad you are on the mend, just take it one day at a time!Have a great Wednesday, Hugs, Shaz #32 xx

  3. Hello Cazzy I didn't manage to make any cards for Christmas and should do them now for next Christmas !!! We shall see.
    Sorry to read about your back and being in such pain. Do hope that there will be some improvement.
    As you will see I have still not done my Blog Header. I had a play and could not get it right and then my friend became very ill etc etc ( read earlier posts on my blog) Anyway I am going to have another play asap as I want to take some stuff off and change a couple of things. Wish I was more knowlegable about these things.

    Happy New Year Anne x #36

  4. What a great desk. I love all the goodies that are all over your desk. I hope you continue to improve. Happy New Year - April #60

  5. Looking as if you've been kept very busy.
    Happy New Year
    Karin #29

  6. Hi, I have cards to finish too. lol Happy new year. Guess they might go out next year. Peg R #25

  7. What's with all the WOYWWers this week? Everybody seems to be making Christmas cards! I am starting to feel guilty because I did not even finish last years ones. LOL
    Happy New Year and happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #21

  8. Greetings, Cazzy! Sorry to hear you've had so much back pain...but hopefully with some REST and care you will start feeling better!
    Resting to me means sitting and making cards or projects. I "rested" a lot after a surgery last year. And I prescribe that for you!
    Your workdesk looks like mine -- I am so bad, I only take shots of my current project usually, where I have shoved everything else off to the size and made myself a 3 foot x 3 foot crafting area.
    Hope to visit you again soon! AND take care of yourself! You have such inspiration to share!

  9. Never too early to start!
    Thanks for visiting and for the snoop around your place.
    Happy New Year
    robyn 51

  10. I am only a week behind, but Happy new Year to you and yours.
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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