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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Alpha Challenge - X for Xmas

It is the end of this challenge, only two letters left, we had extra time and still I missed the deadline! This is X for Xmas, apologies if you hate this abbreviation, I hate it but there wasn't much choice in X.
I used Little Claire stamps, some magazine freebie stamps and a Molly Blooms stamp. They had to share the page with Yoga.
My other page I was going to be the better page, this page has been ready for a couple of days but not uploaded, the other is to be stamped!
I also wanted to make a cover for the book, but it is now falling to bits literally so not sure if I can or if it is worth trying! Maybe I can glue the pages with silicone where they have parted company with the spine, lots of the pages are glued together for stability and that might have made things worse.
So pop over to The Craft Barn to see the Alpha Challenge entries.

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  1. Fun X page but really exercise with Christmas shame on you for sharing the pages.lol. Some research said we eat 6000 calories on Christmas Day instead of the correct 2500, I'm sure that wasn't me. Shame you missed the deadline but hey you completed the challenge. I'm not sure what you can do to put the book back together again. You tube will have plenty of options but its so exhausting watching everybody else create.lol. All the best for 2014.


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