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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I thought I had a breakthrough and the tablet was going to load photos, but then the browser crashed and closed and now isn't playing. I will try again, I managed to zoom (so I have a better chance of connecting with the correct buttons) - now I can't, I was double tapping the screen. When the top buttons decided to work one option was photos from your phone. I don't know how but it did show me the two photos I took last night on the new mobile I am trialling, but loaded a lot of old ones from goodness knows where, and how is it doing this? Should I be impressed or scared I wonder?
Anyway, it is Wednesday and time to snoop round desks at The Stamping Ground.  I may not be able to link yet or show a photo, I will try, and as a stopgap I will describe the desk. It is covered in piles of laminated sheets of cling mounted rubber stamps because I am in the middle of rehousing them in new expanding folders. I have 4 sheets I stamped waiting to be laminated and a healthy more to do. I am hoping my computer will be mended soon, this is why I haven't joined in for a while, and then I can scan some of the a4 sheets to save time. I really miss my computer, I tried to fix it with a new PSU but that didn't do it.
 Yay! Did it, made the buttons extra big, selected the right photos, so here they are, rubba mountain....
All of this for £10 from our permanent market, look at those pretty scissors - they are really sharp and cut ribbon beautifully, and lace, and buttons!


  1. Oh Cazzy, am so sorry, I failed to read comments until this morning, just got stuck into visiting yesterday and now I haven't linked you! You must think me very ignorant. Will go ahead and link you now, but I realise its v v late, so sorry.
    Probably means you wont feel mulch like sharing that wonderful rubbah mountain with me huh?! You did well to post at all, I have such awful problems with posting from ipad..I believe its google and Mac not shaking hands...but I'm very probably wrong about that too!

  2. Love all that stash on your workspace and those scissors are sweet!

  3. Someone else in the stamp sorting/organising frame of mind! Seems a never ending job- always looking for the perfect system. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #35 xx


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