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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! WOYWW #238

I hope you are having a great Christmas! All I want for Christmas is - painkillers!

A couple of last minute cards, which I had made last year apart from a greeting on this one...

and baubles, ribbon and a fairy on this one!

I then resorted to making up a Forever Friends kit I got with a magazine!

Anyway Yesterday I just didn't stop all day, shopping in the morning for last minute gifts and food, working with my son and his girlfriend to prep as much as possible for today's dinner, ironing, tidying, wrapping presents and making those final cards - my back (which you might already know is in a bad way, have been offered surgery as an option), was so sore!
This morning when I woke up I could hardly move, my knees are also full of osteoarthritis and getting down stairs was painful, and yet I had to clean the kitchen and bathrooms so just got on with it. Then I was cleaning the windows where Shaun missed them and fell over and into the pile of presents and had to shout for ages for Shaun (who was outside) to come and help me up. Some of the presents might now be a little squashed, and my back is even worse than before - hence wanting painkillers! I rang my dad to ask him to bring his drugs when he comes over, he didn't need to take them after his surgery last week!
I have joined in WOYWW at the Stamping Ground, missed it last week as I was just too busy.


  1. Happy Christmas Cazzy. Poor you, what a shame to be in so much pain today- I understand how it makes you feel, my lovely DIL has suffered from back pain since she was a small child, and rarely has a day she doesn't need painkillers. I hope is eases for you, Warmest Christmas hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  2. Hope the painkillers work for you. If a spot gets missed oh well no one will notice. Do hope you have a good day with family. Happy Holidays! Nan G #3

  3. My back ached just reading about this. Mine is nowhere near as bad off as yours though, mine loosens up as I get up and going. Here's hoping you can enjoy your Christmas day and that you get your painkillers. Take a easy!

  4. I'm thinking. cazzy that that frankly! there were a couple jobs in that list that could have waited...window cleaning for example...pretty sure your Christmas would have been the same with or without streaky windows??and if you're in the same Wiltshire as me! it's been so week and gloomy that no ones even looking out! Am so sorry that you've got pain, hope your dad's medication really helps. Hit the sherry, if all else fails!

  5. Oh, Cazzy, I do hope you have managed to rest your back somewhat after all that work and the fall. Trust you have had a special, restful day - with everyone else running around you doing all the work!!
    Take care.
    Margaret #10

  6. Gentle HUGS and hope you feel better soon. Happy Christmas BJ#4

  7. Pretty card..Merry Christmas..hope u feel better.

  8. Hope you're feeling a lot better Cazzy, I'm pleased to be back on line!! (I got shut out again) I might be again soon as I have a new phone and it works everywhere, not like my old one 'waht didn't'!
    ((Lyn)) #30

  9. You poor dear. It sounds like me wanting everything perfect for guests. But I confess I've never fallen into gifts before. It's a shame you had to work so hard you weren't really able to experience the joy of this day.

    I'm a bit late, because I still have company. Merry Christmas and happy WOYWW from #1.

  10. So sorry about your back! Sending hugs!!
    Merry Christmas!
    Sharon #27

  11. More gentle hugs and a prayer to help you get better. BJ

  12. Beautiful cards.
    Merry Christmas.
    Karin #31

  13. Cazzy Thanks for visiting me, I love you angel with a trumpet, what is it? A peeloff or something else, iy is gorgeous.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, my birthday is next Saturday, still too close to Christmas, but we are going on holiday the next day so will have my birthday in a hotel in London before we leave on Eurostar next morning.
    Chris #34

  14. Love the sparkly tree card..!! Hope you've had a good Christmas :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  15. Beautiful cards. I so hope your back is feeling much better. Thank you for dropping by my blog earlier.
    April #36

  16. Oh, bless you Cazzy for stopping by when you've been so busy and in so much pain!I'm sorry I'm a bit late, but this comes with hugs and the very best of wishes! I do hope you are now feeling better and that the presents weren't too squashed. I hope that Christmas was lovely for you in spite of the back pain and so on. Osteoarthritis is horrible and you sound like a really 'can do' person to keep going and be so lively. Have a Happy Festive time! Julie Ann xx

  17. Beautiful cards. Merry Christmas.

  18. Hi Cazzy, beautiful cards! Hope you're not in too much pain now and you were able to enjoy the day with your family. Happy New Year! :o) Annie #35

  19. thanks for visiting and inviting me into your tidy space!
    thanks for the kind words.
    Lovely cards!
    It's the holiday season- so be as merry as you can !

  20. It sounds as if you need that surgery and quickly! Oh you poor thing, I do hope that you have been taking it easy since you wrote this and are now in a much better shape.
    I am including you in prayer.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  21. Coming in late ...
    Thanks for your visit earlier ... the pressie was a sliver chain bracelet and necklace with a green shiny card!!
    sorry you had such a crazy painful day, hope you rested up as much as you could.
    Love the two cards, brilliantly executed.
    Bishopsmate #25

  22. Oh Cazzy you poor thing, I know how awful it is to have a painful back. I have been lucky this year as I had my injections 10 days before Christmas so I was able to enjoy it with only a little bit of pain. I hope you have managed to rest a bit over the last few days. Your cards are beautiful. Happy Christmas Woyww:-) Kezzy xxx


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