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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

WOYWW #216

 It's WOYWW today, or Whats on your workdesk, this photo is what's on your working wrist today! A new bracelet for chocoholics made by a very talented young lady called Kate Prime, who makes mini food items that are charms and look so real, you should see her pizza slices!

I wanted to show you a breakfast I made last week too, all very healthy and rather nice for a change.

These are two of my new birthday toys, I have now used them both. The spice grinder is brilliant, not so sure the meat grinder or mincer is as good as I hoped, and I now need to buy ear defenders to wear when using it!

Ermm, well my excuse is that I had to rest and keep my leg raised up last week, so I didn't join in. I could have snapped the coffee table where I took my Promarkers and boxes of stamped and printed images and lay there trying to colour them in, but I tried to keep off the computer too, as wouldn't be keeping my leg raised. I had cellullitis, and after two days of strong antibiotics it got a lot worse so I was on even stronger antibiotics, but at least I didn't have to into hospital on a drip which I was really worried would happen. All better now, phew. So on my messy desk are dies I am using, a card in progress with a Stampersaurus lighthouse image, a card I made for the challenge, see post below, my dictionary ready to do the next page, or pages as I have a lot of choice this time, and general mess. including new stamps, and on the floor is a package just arrived that I am going to go through next. The trimmer has been nudged along and is hanging off the end of the table, and I really was going to tidy up a little!

This one came out a bit fuzzy, view from the other end of the desk, and I had to lighten it a lot so you might see Sooty creeping round the corner to where he thinks is the coolest place in the house to lay down!
I was colouring in wintery Christmas images to try and cool me down a bit last week, it has been so hot here and we really could do with a good downpour. 6 waterbarrels are now empty, I am saving shower water and kitchen sink water to put on the plants in the hope of saving some of them.
Maybe doing this midday I won't be last like I am usually.
If you want to see more workspaces and to find out what this is all about: hop on over to The Stamping Ground and say Hi to Julia who started it all.


  1. all the best to you and I hope you heal up soon.

    enjoy your new kitchen toys

    blessings from Angela (#99)

  2. Hi I Love your bracelet, so cool and Gorgeous and those pancakes look really YUMMY :)
    Have a Beautiful week WOYWW
    Heather #100

  3. Love your fabulous chocolate bracelet, Cazzy!! How delightful!

    Your desk looks very much like my sister's! She is a very busy and creative stamper!

    Thanks for visiting me on my first week with WOYWW! I hope your leg is healing and your weather is cooling. We here in Texas feel your pain with the high temperatures!

  4. Hope you are feeling better now that you were off your feet! Love the bracelet! It does look good enough to eat! Sooty is precious, perfect name for him, had to look close to spot him. Hope the heat breaks, as it did here in NYC. It was 105-110 last week and I fell ill traveling home from work. UGH. I am ready for fall! Winnie#82

  5. Bwahahahahahaha....that is a seriously impressive mess you have made! No wonder you had to stay off your feet for awhile! Poor desk was probably like, "Just leave me here for a bit. I'll recover. Someday. Sigh." lol :) Looks like you know how to have fun! :) Enjoy your new appliances and the torrid affair you are obviously having with your craft area! lol :) And just to throw my 2 cents in(which you are welcome to take or leave, your choice) about your infection, which I'm hoping is doing better now, but do you ever take extra vitamin C? It can really help your body fight off infections and its not toxic so its pretty hard to over-do it. :) Anyhoo, thanks for leaving me a sweet comment already and take care of yourself! :) Deeyll #77

  6. You forgot to take a pic of the other desk, the one you have space to work on, didn't you, tee hee! Thanks for visiting me on WOYWW #209 - I'm terribly late once again! Best, Deb's Pen Pot #115

  7. Hi Cazzy
    Thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Wow you too have been in the wars and yes specialists can be quite harsh with not giving people pain relief. Hope your leg stays well healed now and glad you didn't have to go to hospital! Great busy desks? As usual Cazzy...I think you would be lost if you tidy it all up
    Annette In Oz #60

  8. How cool is that bracelet... I would be hungry the entire time I wore it! Hope the cellulitis is behaving better now. Apologies for sending you on a whale search but I have corrected Kathy Orta's name and put the proper link in now!! Annette #17

  9. I don't know what cellulitis is but I'll take it as a valid excuse for that desk!! Lovely bracelet, the ultimate diet food as you can only look at it, lol! We have a juicer that is incredibly loud, puts you off using it! Hope you can be up and about again soon.

    Brenda 28

  10. Cazzy, I think the reason my desk is so neat this week is because all the craft supplies in the world are on yours. hahahahaha Just kidding. It looks like a lot of fun is being had there and isn't that what it's all about? You know this crew will simply applaud (or laugh). You're among friends. I hope your cellulitis gets cleared up so you can be back to doing what you'd like. Hugs from afar ~ Laura

  11. Dont know which I like the look of most..your chocolates bracelet or your desk! what a patient and creative gal that Kate is! Your desk is fab, needs no wxcuses..after all, you shouldnt be standing for too long, huh! Hope the cankles are much improved by now!

  12. What a pain that comment thing is. I wish folks would stop messing around with the things we use all the time, in the name of improvement, which it rarely is. Still, I made it here. Your bracelet is brilliant and my granddaughter would adore that. I could just eat those pancakes. i am off to make some egg custard in a moment as I have a surfeit of milk and duck eggs. Thank you for your visit this week. My scaffolding is coming down as I write this, so I hope your neighbour's builder soon get theirs sorted. Mine has taken four weeks. Hope you soon feel much better, and keep that leg up until it heals completely. xx Maggie #38


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