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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Quirky zoo challenge reminder.

 I hoped to have my little book totally finished by now, unfortunately I went down with Cellulitis and I am supposed to be resting with my leg raised. Especially as the infection failed to respond to the first antibiotics and I am on even stronger ones now, if the infection goes up the leg I will end up in hospital (which is where I thought I was heading this morning and am very glad that I am not yet).
So this is what the book looks like so far, with second and last pages not yet completed, and they will show Cedric and Daddy, with Daddy telling Cedric that it is time to meet the other zoo animals, and in the last one that it is time to go home and go to bed!

Here are the first of the two new pages featuring Bugaboo Tiger and Giraffe block and Chameleon of course!

The next two new pages feature Bugaboo Elephant topper and Zebra and Chameleon (of course).
All images were coloured with Promarkers, adhered and sealed with Deopatch and the ribbons used to join the pages are from Crafty Ribbons.


  1. I love these - so clever.
    I hope you are not suffering too badly and that these ABs kick in and sort it out super quick x

  2. Clever Cedric!! Love him!


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