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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW #213 (last time should have been #212 lol)

Mega messy desk this week, I nearly didn't post it because I know it upsets some folks, it is upsetting me right now, or I could have pre-birthday blues!
I put everything into getting ready for the fete on Sunday, and then I had to bring all the stuff back. This included all of my cards from the shop (well nearly all, I spotted some I missed). This gave me the chance to check what was there, at least most of them, and drop a couple of prices, and repackage any that needed it. I found one card that had been on display, the music one which is an Easel card, which someone had put in the wrong envelope marked at double the price, and minus it's envelope and matching tag. So I have to make another tag and give it a new envelope and repackage it. I have decided after several failed attempts to keep one on display so people can see what an easel card is (and presumably some volunteers cannot bear to see this card out of a bag and on display) that I decided to print off a small photo of it up, and some of insides of cards, that can go in the bag. I hope that will help but my printer prints everything with stripes, not so bad on small photos but not great.
So on the right is a folder full of price stickers, in the middle are the music card and a Sugar Nellie stamped card which I think might sell if I add Happy Birthday to it, currently it has no sentiment. In front of that are some stamped images waiting for me to do something with them, and a foam stamping pad. There are a couple of new stamps and a die, and scattered around are ink pads, baker's twine, ribbons, scraps of paper from making envelopes, glue, box of gems and lots more. I actually did tidy some of it before this photo, but it needs a good sorting out.
I am so fed up with the craft stash not selling very fast on Facebook, and hardly at all at the fete that I decided to put some in the shop, where they can benefit from the commission and maybe it will go. I have lots more to take, all needs to be stickered up though. 
So now I am trying to decide if I want to go to Art Stamps in Newbury on Saturday which I said I did want to ages ago, then said I didn't yesterday. I have been to one years ago in Shepton Mallet and didn't like it, there wasn't much there and there was strange queuing system. I have so many stamps now waiting to be used, and I look out for bargain prices online. 
Anyway do I want a nearly 2 hour journey each way, to pay to go in, and probably not buy a lot (the workshops look expensive, and Shaun will not want to hang about for hours,well not more than 2 anyway), or maybe I will decide to go, is it going to be worth it? Will it cheer me up? I will be going to Craft4Crafter or similar in September in Exeter I am sure, I know that isn't just stamping.
Apart from which it is challenge week, and I have to make something, even on my birthday, and set up the post, and sort out GDs etc, and I haven't done the Alpha Challenge page, which I think I will do now after clearing a space! 
If you want to nose round a few tidier desks head on over to The Stamping Ground and see what it is all about.


  1. Holy shmoly Cazzy you desk is heaped, all your problems is why I wouldn't want to sell thing way too many things, I'm too old now anyway. I hope you get a chance to use your new things and have a bit of fun. I couldn't find any kind of show, workshops in my part of Canada, I do get to go when I visit my DS in Cambridge, lots of great things going on in the UK.Thanks for sharing, your fun filled desk..Dianne # 126

  2. It's really a messy desk that title wasn't misleading lol but that's ok 'cause so is mine in permanence... Looks like there's a lot of fun to be had however ;o)



  3. Hi Cazzy save time and money and dont go as sound like it have me negatives than positives to me and yes if I need a crafty fix you can beat you tube Google an idea and take it from there that gives you idea for sure..

    .. and well stamps do we really end any more when there are neglected ones there already thanks for popping over and happy WOYWW Shaz in z.x #36

  4. G'day Cazzy
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Love all the things you have out...I frequently have my whole desk covered in stuff so don't worry if it bothers others...just do what you enjoy. Hope you stop feeling blue and have a great birthday when it comes. Cazzy the xomments thing worked today...i didn't have to click the titel to find it. Not sure if you fixed it or it fixed itself. Card sales are hard...people want alot but only want to pay a small amount.
    Annette In Oz #21

  5. Not looking - Not looking can't cope! Yes I love purple. BJ #13 (and I found you eventually at #136 not #113!)

  6. ovely looking desk! I live twenty odd minutes from Newbury and I'm not going, It's not only stamping really, and inevitably is getting smaller. Mostly though Im not going because I may have wants, but I have no needs and I HATE window shopping!!

  7. Hi Cazzy - I have found you at last, thanks to your instructions. Oops! Just realised I was so eager to try them out (instructions) that I did not read the post. DOH! A Blonde Moment!
    Back in a bit.
    Neet xx

  8. Looking good to me - mine is sort of similar but not as (ahem) bad. Trouble is mine is full of stamps that all need putting away and most of them need a sheet laminating to put them on. Oh stuff it - I am tired and it is midnight - off to bed.
    Hope you got lots of sales - now go and spend the money if you want - it's yours.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. OMG…. I'm excited to see that there is another desk that looks like mine. Sounds like you have your crafty hands full. Wish I could help ya out. Then you could spend some time stamping to your happy hearts content. I love stamping, (and stenciling). I just bought a whole bunch of Dylusions stamps at joannes.com. They were 50% off. I was all over that sale. Any way I know you are a crazy busy. Hope you have an awesome birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (((HUGS)))

    P.S. When I linked to WOYWW I was #7, I came in tonight to do some desk hopping and I was #18. I was a bit bummed about that. :( Oh well, what can you do??? I'll aim higher next week.

  10. It is amazing how quickly a clean desk can get covered eh? Sorry about the dissapointment in the shops, I like to do a few craft fairs a year rather than seell in shops (I have 2 shops I still sell in tho) because I seem to sell a lot more when I talk to people. Plus your stuff is not being tucked away, you can control your booth and make it look good unlike in a shop where they have the control and promote their stuff over yours in some cases. Good luck!

  11. Thank you for your visit this week and your encouraging comments. I am so slow in answering due to life getting in the way again. Just settled to watch the tennis on Sunday when the neighbour came to tell me that I had a major flat tyre on the Disco. So it was a frantic hunt for my current AA card to get the to change the wheel. Then heart failure set in, when the mechanic forgot that the Disco has transmission braking (not on the wheel but on the prop shaft). That meant that as he started to jack it up, it started to roll down the drive towards the scaffolding - serious panic!!!!! Then I had the bright idea of calling Severn Trent to find out who was responsible for the main sewer, which in our road runs through our gardens, not along the road. Now I am waiting for a team to come today to investigate and see if they can find out why it keeps blocking. What have I started? I think it is time for bed!!! I hope you managed to get all your lovely cards sorted as you wanted with all their envelopes etc. It take so much time, doesn't it. xx Maggie #3

  12. PS forgot to say, my two dogs are still going frantic at the builders, so I can sympathise with yours and the builders next door. The little one also objects to the next door dog being in her own garden, and spends all evening shouting over the fence, so I have had to bring her in and close the door to give the neighbours a break from her row. She was not fitted with a volume control, or mute button. xx Maggie #3

  13. I don't care how untidy desks are as long as the people using them are happy and creative! Enjoy it!


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