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Thursday, 30 May 2013

WOYWW #208 and 4 years anniversary

Happy WOYWW and happy 4th anniversary WOYWWers. If you want to find out what it is all about go to The Stamping Ground.
This pile of buttons and fastenings was in my knicker drawer, I was rummaging through looking for my lost nail scissors! I decided this lot should be in the craft room so I can find them, but I haven't bought any clothes for over a year until very recently, and I can't think that I still have all the things these belong to - can I?

Desk, it was in the process of being tidied but I had to tidy it to show you how tidy it is compared to last week! I did sort a carrier bag full of offcuts to give to the neighbour's children who are bored with the rain, and I have started another bag. Before I got rid of loads I die cut some more cupcake wrappers.

View from the other end. The middle needs a good sweeping up, and I cannot get rid of the red EP that I spilled, it seems to be getting into everything!


  1. Hi Cazzy! Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary! I absolutely LOVE your work space! I do not do cards or stamping however your work space is calling me to maybe take a try at it, like I need another thing to do! Hope you are having a great day! Rasz #164

  2. Made it through to you comment box!!
    I don't feel so bad about the state of my desk sometimes now. LOL, I do see a clear space peeking through though, so that means you have room to work, and that is all that matters. "grin"
    I hate it when I spill embossing powder or mica flakes as you never seem to be able to get it all up.
    Happy WOYWW!!
    Anna Leisa #138

  3. MY what a desk its amazing so much going on I wish I had the freedom you have to work the way you do, happy woyww anniversary and i'm so pleased I popped by plan to have little browse before I get on my way again and hope to visit again soon best wishes and hoep you have a fab week Andrea#40

  4. What a nice large space to spread out in. Looks like you have a great time there. Dori 179

  5. Hi Cazzy, I took a good close up snoop of your desk, looks a lot like mine....LOL
    Krisha #140

  6. Hi there Cazzy ah some fun going on here and smiled at the buttons in a clothes drawer... and eys look at my room and wonder who owns this sometimes too happy WOYWW4! Shaz in oz.x #37

  7. Aha! I found out how to comment from reading the top of your blog! Phew - I will not let the machine win!

    Love the look of your nice tidy greenhouse . . .but am running away from your desk because my inner neatfreak is shrieking at me!

    Playing catch-up . . . so I'm here to wish you a BELATED Happy 4th WOYWW anniversary.

    Sarn #57 (Thanks for visiting me)

  8. Hi Cazzy, thanks for paying me a visit today. Your desk looks like a very busy crafter works there . Had to smile about the buttons in the nicker drawer. I find once I move something to a new place I can never find it again, but I do remember exactly where it WAS !
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #92

  9. We all have times when the desk just seems to take over don't we? I just look at my table sometimes and say, "ah, tomorrow I have to sort and clear off." Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend. #47

  10. What a busy looking workspace - and what a find - all those fab buttons - come to think of it I bet I have lots in a similar place in my bedroom - will go and search now!! Happy WOYWW4 and thanks for visiting my blog. x Jo


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