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Thursday, 2 May 2013

WOYWW #204

This was my breakfast, forgot to thaw out the berries again, so whizzed them up with a banana and yoghurt, with some frozen mango and fresh squeezed orange juice and it came out as a smoothie unlike last week's bowl of frozen slushie.

Last week I sort of lost Wednesday, I remember thinking I must post a photo this morning, it is only a little late - only to realise it was in fact Friday by then and probably much too late!
So on my desk today, lots of bits to start making wedding cards, I stamped some images with my new Visible Image stamps ready to go.
If you want to join in and have a nosy hop over to The Stamping Ground where Julia started all of this!


  1. Smoothie looks good and the desk looks better. Lots of fun in store.

  2. Yay - found your comments button, although if it were on your desk it might have been a harder task! Loads going on there, enjoy the wedding cards. BJ#48

  3. Yummy looting smoothie! I'm getting a new whizzy blender so shall be doing the same as you soon :)
    That's a mad desk, Cazzy!! But as long as you have fun and know where every thing is?....
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xxx

  4. Gawd, commenting is complicated for a simpleton like me! Did you get my previous message about coming to the WOYWW Crop? Meanwhile your desk looks delicious..love the little tiger card watching over you. And I did spot some stamps that we have in common..except yours are out and being used.....

  5. G'day Cazzy
    as usual its Friday before I get to blog hope for WOYWW but here I am. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment for WOYWW. Yeh I lost last Wednesday too but I have all my nursing registration points now so all good. What an amazing amount of things you have on your desk...I want...no...I need some dies!!
    Annette In Oz #87

  6. I'm late,I'm late,:) your desk looks like big fun, lots to play with, love your journaling and sweet cards. Have a wonderful creative weekend..

  7. oh frozen smoothies are the best!!! Looks so yummy-perfect for an afternoon of crafting! I'll be right over for a sip LOL!
    Thanks for stopping in to say Hello! Happy WOYWW!

    Sue K #14


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