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Thursday, 23 May 2013

WOYWW #207

This could be a spot the difference contest, has my desk changed from last week, and where did last week go? Technically it is Thursday but this is how my desk has been all day Wednesday, no it was probably worse, I have tidied a little, just a little!
Over at The Stamping Ground Julia Dunnit started this weekly nose around other people's workdesks, and it is good fun!


  1. Busy desks are good, means we are doing something, if not hoarding more stuff lol
    Bridget #11

  2. Hi Cazzy,
    Took a good close-up snoop around your deak. Veerrrry interesting, and full of creativity! Love the digi image you are working on.
    Krisha #50

  3. Well I didn't snap a pic of my desk this week, but I am visiting around just the same!!! Have a great week and thanks for letting me snoop! I also browsed some of your beautiful craft challeneg entries! Very nice!!!! Have an awesome weekend!...DayLee Doodler

  4. Busy is good. Messy is good means you're having fun! A bit late but still WOYWW hopping! Nan G #105

  5. Hi Cazzy,

    If Google would just stop messing with what works we might all be more even tempered. Here I am and thanks for putting up the 'how-to' message.

    Thanks also for leaving me a comment - here is the post about the deodorant balls which I colour and give to the cats for midnight hockey games. http://wildcards-rosc.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/woyww-no-193-maintenance-boring.html

    Fantastic desk full of ideas, tools, stuff and more ideas.
    Take care
    Ros. #28

  6. Thanks for your comments on mine.
    I just had to go close up on your photo - so much to see ............. everything close to hand, now that's sensible!!
    Love the digital images.
    Bishopsmate #78

  7. My desk frequently resembles yours! Just not this week... LOL!
    Happy belated WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
    Carol N #119

  8. Just a quick note about the little balls for the cats to play with. They are the roller balls from roll-on deodorants. Use a craft knife to cut into the edge of the bottle to release the ball. It's quite a soft plastic lip and the ball pops out eventually. They colour nicely with alcohol inks and bounce very well on tiled floors or brick paving.

  9. This looks very productive!! and tidy too! Have a great day happy late woyww!!

    ((Lyn)) was #55


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