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Monday, 15 November 2010

Its my age.....

I set off for work this morning in the fog and frost and ice, soon I joined the back of a big queue of traffic where there isn't normally one. Sat there and crept forward for 20 minutes before realising it was probably because of a road parallel to the A road I was trying to get to, which I normally take, that was closed for remedial work (having been closed for a week and resurfaced only a month or two ago, so what went wrong?)  Reached for the mobile to check the date, as I had remembered the closure started on the 15th but I didn't think it was the 15th yet, of course it was!

Couldn't find the phone, bother had left it at home - started to remember where I left it then remembered it was next to my glasses so I wouldn't forget it. Bother - forgot my glasses! I have been wearing them all the time but don't need them all the time for distance.

I decided that on balance it was worse to turn round and get them and then rejoin the queue all over again, so I carried on to work, and struggled all morning but did manage to work on some documents on the PC on 148%.

I was also hobbling round all morning with a very painful heel that started yesterday morning, and got worse after I walked the dogs with it. At least it took my mind off the pain from my dodgy knee on the other leg! The pain is worst when I first stand and is right in the back of the heel, as I walk it eases off a little but not a lot and painkillers don't touch it at all.

After lunch I couldn't carry on working any longer without the glasses so took the afternoon off and tomorrow so I don't have to repeat the experience, at least I missed the homeward queue by going early too.

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