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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day off Tuesday Sand where has it gone?

I did have a lie in but only until just before 9am. Then I packaged up some more ebay sales ready to post, and the morning seemed to just vanish. I made my lunch, then at about 3pm after I gave up waiting for the last person to pay and forced my way through the school run parents who think my little cul-de-sac is the school car park. Then met three way traffic lights on the way to the only local PO still open, had problems parking due to schools home time, but did, posted the parcels then set off home the way I came, only because the car was now turned round pointing in that direction by the time I parked. I hobbled to the PO and back to the car, then set off. There was a huge traffic queue at the lights which are permanent lights but nobody could move anywhere because of the temp lights a bit further on. So I turned round, three point, and then back the other way only to find a queue the other end of the road, and when I got through that finally I joined at least one more queue. The only good thing about all of this was by the time I actually managed to get back home  (a 20 minute task having taken an hour) the school run lot had gone and I had a clear run onto my drive, and didn't have to shout at anyone or fight for my drive!

I also nearly got two of the buyers mixed up, well not nearly - I actually had the wrong name and address and packing slip already attached to one package before I realised what I had done about an hour later! Luckily I realised or it could have got very complicated and expensive to sort out.

So there is still one person who hasn't paid since Sunday, and we are talking about less than £10. Annoying because it means another trip to the PO when she decides to pay and I won't be able to do it tomorrow but there doesn't seem like any danger of being paid tonight. I also managed to sell my little snowmen stamps to someone on a forum so they have gone too, the rest of the unsold stuff is on UK Stampers now and if there is another free listing on ebay soon it will go back on with more stuff when I sort some out.

I have been making a card to show off the other stamp set I have a duplicate of. I am not happy with my colouring of these images, and must have another go at doing it differently. I found some old Papermania paper with tulips on which is a perfect background and used this gate fold card which I have also decorated inside with the same paper.

I had intended to do so much more crafting today but it wasn't to be.

The stamps are by Personal Impressions. The card blank is a C5 size, and the tulip stamps are available to buy new if you are interested as they didn't sell on Ebay.

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