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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Missed deadline

I was up late trying to make an entry for the Just Cute Bears challenge blog, but I happened to glance on the blog to see if there was an actual time, was it Saturday or Sunday, and found it should have been there by 6pm GMT so I gave up and went to bed, I was on the second attempt having messed up the first one and changed my mind about doing what I thought I was going to do. So you may get to see it, maybe not as it could be adapted for something else that I can't show you yet.

I had a migraine yesterday hanging around from Friday, and it sort of got better midday, though I later had to have a sleep and that is why I was so late starting the card. Also we had unexpected visitors arrive Friday evening, my son and DIL, and they stayed until just before Midday.

Today I just ache all over, every single bit of me inside and out. I have a special card to make for someone who is leaving at the end of this week, really need to get on with it and I am not certain of the design yet. Haven't done it due to being ill last weekend with the virus, which affected me for the whole week.

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