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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hey, welcome back!

Hi Followers, I see you now! WAVES. I am not well today, seem to have caught a virus from work. I have a card in progress and need to make my DT card for Quirky Crafts Challenge blog, I hope I will be able to do that later.
I spent all morning in bed and feel like I want to be there now, but I might take a shower to see if I feel a bit better.
This little chap was at the donkey sanctuary in with some donkeys and his friend. I couldn't work out why he was paying me so much attention then realised he could smell the chocolate in my handbag and was trying to get it, and on my hand as I had eaten a piece before walking round. He settled for licking my hand in the end but his friend was trying to get me from under the bag too! The donkeys took no notice, I presume that these ponies had tasted chocolate before!

I call this shot "I am not a donkey, therefore give me the chocolate NOW!"

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