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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Followers - where have you gone? I hope this isn't something else that has stopped working, I can't leave comments on blogs that don't have pop up or new page comments, I can't access slide using Firefox and I can in IE but I can't edit it so have had to lose my main slideshow, now this.


  1. I'm still here! Just had a bit of a busy week. Not fun when the PC or web goes wonky...

    but keep plugging away


  2. Cazzy I had someone else saying they couldn't comment on my blog, god knows how many people stop by and can't comment so just leave..
    I gave up on Firefox and only use IE7 tried IE8 but didn't like it, couldn't drag and drop my photos on my posts - It's a bloomin' minefield, things are related to each other that you have nno idea about!! Grrr!!



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