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Monday, 28 January 2008

New Dog Toy - lasted a few hours!

One of my dogs loves to play with soft toys, he will carry them round the room while you "chase" him! He used to move a lot faster when he was 10 months old and we just got him! Sometimes the older dog will play with him, but not often.

The older dog goes mad when I set one of those singing toys off, more so if it moves too, so the singing dancing dogs on a cushion that Hubby got me, that sing I Got You Babe drive him demented!

Christmas snowmen and singing penguins, singing reindeer - he will try to climb the furniture to get to them.

So when I saw some musical dog toys in the pet shop I had to get him one, and he had a great time worrying it, and dragging it about when it was set off to play the tune. It would have been better if it had sung as well but it was a start!

The younger dog got it for a while and carried it gently round, the older dog had managed to rip the label off, break the stitching open and pull out the sound mechanism by the following lunchtime - so that was a waste of £5!

The toy was made by Rosewood and is a Mister Twister Rocks toy

We found 3 batteries scattered around, but it looked like the little sound box should have a plastic cover screwed on to keep the batteries in - that has never shown up so maybe the dog swallowed it!

I won't be getting another, one was coming apart in the shop!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Prize goodies from Beautiful cards

These are the lovely goodies I got from Beautiful Cards magazine for having my two cards published as the "Star Letter".

Hope to make a thank you card for Origin Publishing soon!

Here are the cards they featured:

Monday, 21 January 2008


New stuff photos

I Promised you stamps, and here are some of my new stamps and stuff. I still have to take photos of my goodies for the cards in Beautiful Cards magazine which weren't the cards I imagined they would be - as I couldn't remember what I sent in! There are more stamps and goodies since these photos!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

At last I have made a new card!

Not only that but I got the photo software on, well some of it, so I could upload it!

It is a challenge card for PCJ forum, and the brief was to include 4 squares! I loaded a very old photo too, the daisy daisy card which is on the slide show somewhere!

This card has 4 stamped images using a Hero Arts set called Pastel Petals which I have had for ages but not used before. I used Brilliance Twilight which is a three colour ink pad and embossed with sparkly clear powder, the image is stamped on light green marbled card, and they are matted onto dark blue card, mounted on textured pink card.

The greeting is stamped from Stampendous Window Boxes clear set, in blue ink embossed with clear powder on the same pink card but the smooth side, and it is mounted on the dark blue card. I couldn't decide where to put it - top right or bottom left!
Pink and blue eyelash fibres finish the card.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Did you miss me (again)????

It started with a wet patch on the carpet in the hall, well it had been raining hard enough to cause floods! I asked what it was, DH said "I thought it was something to do with you" - I had only just walked through the door having been at work all day! I said no, so he tried to blame it on our son - I tried the dogs or the new door.

So he got the carpet up, totally soaked underneath and a big puddle, and he called the door people but by the time they came he had realised it was the plumbing (I think he put that bit in) to the radiator in the extension (my craft room) and he started drilling the concrete up! The door people came and he didn't confess but let them put sealant along the bottom!

We managed to contact our plumber, who had just had an eye operation, but came out anyway and spent the morning replumbing the radiator - we had no heating for a couple of days, and had to use the electric to heat the shower water. Also during the process DH removed some boxing round some pipes and that meant the phone socket was hangin on it's wires - the plumber managed to knock the whole thing off so no phone and no internet!

I finally managed to rewire the thing, but the BT wires are a bit short and one snapped - I had to join it and hope for the best, then I still couldn't get on line but strangly my son could upstairs. I decided I would have to take it to bits and change the wires round, which didn't make any difference - then I checked the back of the PC and found the wire wasn't pushed in properly - so I am back now!

I have discovered that I lost the envelope with the bits and pieces I made in the Debbie Moore workshop, I must have dropped them or left them in the hotel.

I had the oriental papers and vellums arrive that I paid for at the show but were out of stock, Debbie sent them without charging postage on top, so now I can recreate the stuff I did in the workshop.

I have still not loaded the photo software or photos back onto the PC, I want the disk that my son got with his camera as it is more up to date than the one I have for my Cannon camera even though they are totally different models the software is the same.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Weekend in Exeter

We had a nice weekend in Exeter despite the weather, but it brightened up on Monday and was quite nice.

We went to see Peer Gynt performed at the new theatre by the Cygnet training company. It was very enjoyable and different with three rows of chairs each side of the room with the performance in the middle. It was extremely good value at £8 each, and we went on the off chance of getting in. At half time you could purchase a hot drink and some chocolate or biscuits - all very civilised!

On Sunday we visited the craft exhibition at Westpoint. Well I did, DH came in for a while then sat in the car but not before I made him stay and watch Alan and Barry to get the free gift at the end, I had signed up for a workshop and it clashed with the show, but we didn't win the big prize! I attended a Metal Magic workshop and watched Ready Steady Craft and later chatted to Debbie Moore on her stall, and I bought a few things (more than DH thinks I did) from Debbie and other stalls, but not as much as I have at shows before. There weren't many bargains, and I didn't have time to go round slowly looking after the workshop and show. I bought a bowl of chips with grated cheese and a can of soft drink which cost me £5.50!
I was going to buy some pick and mix card on the way out but the seller was so rude and wouldn't let me as the show was closing and more to the point I only had a cheque and not enough cash by then. Annoyingly he had just let another woman buy a box minutes before!

I have had more rubber stamps arrive (I bought some clear ones at the show too)!

On Monday we visited the Donkey sanctuary, and found Little Vijay who was very bad tempered at having to meet us! There were other friendlier donkeys, one was called Solo (47 years old) and was lovely.
We saw Little Vijay working giving disabled children a riding lesson too, he seemed to behave in there!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Won goodies!

I had some goodies arrive yesterday, I have a card published in Beautiful Cards issue 20 - must try and find that one in the shops! I got a lovely rubber stamp, some sticky ribbons, eyelets, gorgeous buttons, and some pretty brad buddies.

I will take a photo and post once I have got my PC back to normal - which could take some time!

I am off to Exeter for the weekend and will no doubt come back with more goodies from the Craft Exhibition, and I am going to visit my adopted donkey at the donkey sanctuary. Mine is called Little Vijay who was born there and is used for riding for the disabled at the centre.

Must get a bag of carrots! The weather forecast isn't good though!

Friday, 11 January 2008

PC problems - back now

Sorry not to post for ages, but I had PC probs. It is back up and running now but I will be installing the software back on for weeks!

I was just going to post more photos of new stash too! I may get to it next week if I install the photo program next!