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Friday, 28 November 2008

Round up of the week and PIF

Well it is quite interesting in my boring world.

First there was defrosting the freezer in the garage. Hubby kept on about it so I said lets do it now. Course being a man he had to get the blow torch out, and scared me silly when the door shut knocking it over so it was blow torching the bottom of the freezer - haven't dared look see what damage it may have done!

Then there was a puddle on the floor, so he said pass the car washing sponge, which I did. He was mopping the floor and then I could see this coming and said don't you dare....... yes he used the same sponge on the inside of the freezer! I was livid, told him in unrepeatable words what I thought of him, then had to fetch clean cloths and white vinegar to clean it properly. Now that is my fault apparently as I didn't get the clean cloths soon enough! Go Figure.

Then I found out I had won Dawn's wonderful PIF that arrived today (my right hand was itching madly the day I won it too). I am going to offer a PIF soon, perhaps next post so watch this space! I will take a photo too. I also received Dawn's fat page so I have 3 now, must finish mine at the weekend and post them.

I received a little package from Making Memories too, a shop owner in the USA sent my details to them as being on the wait list for The Slice, which they decided not to ship the European version to the USA so they would send something by way of compensation. I got a little journalling notebook and some mini blooms, both interesting items.

I had an attempted parcel delivery, some wooden boxes and mini drawers to paint from Baker Ross, and the delivery company used were particularly inflexible. They offered to deliver it to an alternative address, so I gave my parents address, rang them to check when they were in, then rang them back to confirm it was Thursday. I was concerned because they were going to try the next day and if it got to three times undelivered they would send it back!

I did explain to my Dad it was going to his address I know I did, I did, I did, - so my parents came over to my house and waited all day, sent me a snotty text about a wasted day and went home to find the neighbour had taken in the parcel for them! Dad won't have it I told him, so we had a heated discussion about it! He also couldn't work out how it went there with my address on it! Sigh!

I bought a load more dies from Ellison in the sale, I wasn't going to do this as I have lots of dies I don't fully use now. I know the idea is once you get the die cutter at a reasonable price you then spend many times that on dies, but I have already done that and I have the Robo! The dies arrived very quickly.

Yesterday when driving back home from a meeting somewhere I don't go often enough to be confident in the dark I took a wrong turn and ended up down a dead end lane which was very steep, did a 3 point turn and then got stuck, clutch oil was burning and the handbrake wouldn't hold, scary moment. I didn't know what to do, so eventually I let the car go back a bit, sat to let it cool then tried again and luckily managed to get up that hill. I am so glad I don't live there!

I purchased a whole load more of House Mouse stamps from the USA, and although the exchange rate is low and the postage is high(well from a lot of the sellers but not all) the actual prices were really low. So I got 14 HM stamps, including 3 image and sentiments combos, and a half sheet of UMs called the Christmas Cod! All of this was £62 including post, so pretty good unless I have to pay loads of tax! Some of the stamps were ones I have been wanting for some time. The stamps might arrive before Christmas, I hope so as I have plans for the cod ones!

I have bought a "few" more stamps recently too.

I made a few more cards, the snowman one took about 30 seconds, it is a sticker on a decorated card, the Cuttlebug village one has curled when the glitter glue dried so not happy with it, and the last one I am quite pleased with, English Paper Company paper, stamped a bird on it from Inkadinkado clear festive birds set, and the chipboard sticker is Papermania as is the snowman.

Also today my Nieces' Card Making Princess prize turned up at last, she has been worrying about it since she knew she won!

If anyone can tell me how to get the photos to stay where I want them please let me know, I used to be able to do it but it seems to be out of control now!


  1. Hiya Cazzy

    Glad you got your wee package - I loved that wee bear as soon as I saw it - great for a childs card!!


  2. Love your blog, It's so great you share everything with us, not just crafting.wendy x

  3. Cazzy you have soooooo many stamps it's unreal!!


  4. O My goodness!!! I have been laughing hysterically!! You have totally made my day!!! I am so amused by your stories!! I tell you, men are just that way-so funny your story of the freezer! You sound just like me!! Anyways, cazzy, you are a riot-thank you!! : )


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