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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Life is a rollercoaster...

What a week this has been! 1st I recieved the subs gift of Stamps away stamps with some acrylic blocks and an inkpad, and because of the mix up and the problems I had with my subs they said I could keep the package of goodies that I thought I had won a few weeks back, I did ask but nobody got back to me.

I chased up the stamps and they said I had been sent a Cardology gift according to the agents did I have it? I said I did and have been asking you why, even on the forum and I did get a reply telling me I had won it then another asking for details as it looked a bit like the subs gift but I didn't get any more from that person despite replying again.

So I have the stamps and the brads etc now. The stamps are quite small as you may be able to tell but there is quite a variety.

Then my brother rang to say his divorce absolute came through earlier than expected the day after he consulted a passing clairvoyent at a friends house who told him this would happen as well as a few other things. He is totally convinced.

Then my son got knocked off his bicycle cycling to work despite wearing a bright yellow jacket, my hubby was caught up in traffic and when he was driving past the police cars and ambulance and paramedic car he recognised the bike on the ground, so that was a shock.

Son was taken to A&E hubby was told before this to go on to work and he would be phoned if needed, I was totally oblivious until I got home that evening, A&E let son go telling him he needed to have someone with him all day (he bashed his head on the road, and hurt his leg, the bike was damaged too), so what did he do? Ring one of us? No, he went to catch the train home, I don't know if he walked the couple of miles to the station or got a bus.

Hubby took him and bought him a cycle helmet which we hope he will wear, he is far too old to wait for his parents to buy such things, but you can't tell them anything. I think we are all lucky he is still here to moan about his bike, could have been so much worse.

I had a fat page arrive from Australia from the lovely Sabina, it is part of the fat page swap I am taking part in on PCJs forum and I can't show you as we are not revealing any until we all have all of our pages so it will remain a surprise.

I have been busy cleaning the bathrooms today, I really should go food shopping but I found something to eat today so I will have to go tomorrow and not today now which somehow feels better to me, I don't know why!

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  1. Looks like you have some great stamps there Cazzy.

    Glad your son is ok. Let's hope he'll wear the helmet from now on. You can't tell them can you?! :-)

    Fe x

  2. I am sorry to hear about the horrible luck your brother and son have had this week.
    I really enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.


  3. You've had a real week of ups and downs Cazzy, hope next week is a bit quieter!
    Take care, Nicki, xx

  4. Oooh lovely stamps there Cazzy. ;) :)

    There is something nice for you on my blog if you would like it. ;) :)


  5. Hi Cazzy go check out my blog I've something for you.

  6. sound like you have been busy, so sorry to hear about your son's accident, hope he is doing better now

    Sarah x

  7. hi cazzy , im glad your son sounds ok x what a shock !lol you sound like me , you only go shopping when theres nothing left !

    congrats on winning the stamps !
    I have some of those and they are actually quite handy being small -x


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