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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I just heard I won a PIF from Dawn

Sorry the comments and the photos are not in the right places for each other, you will need to work it out!

Male blackbird with flock of sparrows.

Robin keeping an eye on the sparrows and female blackbird on the fence. The little photo is a Dunnock sometimes called a hedge sparrow but no relation to sparrows, and it is much darker in colour - I like them.

Can you see the Great Tit? How many different birds can you find in the hedge behind? Not the greatest photo, a bit blurred sorry!

I also snapped a sparrow hovering in to land on the food, great action picture I thought!

Well I left Dawn an award and it was on the PIF post and I got picked by Pepsi the cat, how cool is that? So will have to think about doing one myself!

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