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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cyril the squirrel got his nuts

I got hubby to make a squirrel feeder by printing off some photos of ones for sale to give him an idea. The squirrel didn't have a clue, we tried leaving nuts on it, propping open the lid - nothing.

So I thought it was maybe a bad design, perhaps the flap to lift should be over the viewing panel so the squirrel could see the nuts when opening the lid. So got hubby to remake it, now it looks like a Heath Robinson affair, he didn't want to use good wood until the squirrel demonstrated it had the idea so the platform was two pieces of wood.

The squirrel used the box to climb over to the bird nuts! Half the platform fell off. The birds looked like they knew what to do if only they could do it, but not the squirrel.

We decided we had the stupidest squirrel in the country as I remember the documentary where the untrained creature navigated a number of obstacle courses and always got the nuts.

Saturday I was putting out the compost and a squirrel arrived, jumped onto the half platform and proceeded to do what we expected in the first place in the spring when we put the box up. The only thing was the nuts by now were totally mouldy and black. So I had to go and scoop them out with my fingernails and clean the box before adding fresh peanuts.

I have told hubby that the next box needs a sliding viewing panel for cleaning! I hope to get photos of this at some point perhaps next weekend.

I haven't managed any crafting this weekend, and I was going to do so much. I have just cut up a sheet of UM stamps which were sticky on the back, I didn't want them gathering dust. I have stuck them to a polypocket which might be their permanent home rather than a laminated sheet then I can pop a stamped insert in the pocket.

Does anyone know if the poly pockets are good for clear stamps to cling to and not damage them?

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  1. I'm still laughing with this great squirrel story! I'm trying to imagine it and just can't stop laughing. It reminds me of the cartoon with the 2 squirrels (don't know the name in English, we call them Babbel & Knabbel).
    So sorry, but I don't know anything about poly pockets and clear stamps.
    But please, update the squirrel story and throw in some pictures!


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