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Thursday, 25 September 2008

New stamps and Christmas cards

I have managed to take a few photos of new stamps and the Christmas cards so far. I have created a new slide show for Christmas photos, I think they tend to take over and many are just quick and sticky efforts and not a great deal of work. Oh and I put in a photo of the mystery box I bought from Arty Miss.
These cards are using up the stuff I have got in the mystery box (and Vanessa helped make them) and have accumulated over the past couple of years, I will get some stamped ones done eventually!


  1. You have some gorgeous stamps there Cazzy. Some of them my mum and I looked at at the craft fair in Harrogate on Saturday.

    Love all your cards too. You have been a busy bee.

    Fe x

  2. Wow Cazzy, you have been busy, what a fab head start you have made with all those lovely Christmas cards! Been busy buying stash too I see from the photos of those stamps, have fun using them.

  3. Well Cazzy how busy have you been - excellent work and well done, a fabulous selection of cards there - am I green - nooooooo of course not, lol. I really need to get mine started. :)

    And more stash - oh my word, it all looks brilliant. You must spend ages just looking at your stash and not creating - i know I would, lol.
    Oh look at that stamp - I love it. Oh look and feel that paper isn't it gorgeous...etc etc, lol.


  4. Wow how busy have you been absolutely brilliant work and what a great lot of stamps lucky you hun xxxxxx

  5. Wow Carol you have been busy my friend, I can't believe how many cards you've made, I feel shameful now, as I have only made half a dozen. Big hugs Linda x

  6. your cards are gorgeous!! Wow, I would love to be working with all those stamps very cute.

  7. Great christmas cards there is certainly a good selection there love the stamps

  8. Lovely cards Cazzy, you have been busy!Wow what a great selection of stamps, that will keep you busy for a while.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!



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