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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Unable to stop spending - help!

Thanks for all the nice comments I have been getting on my blog and my cards recently. They are much appreciated. Also my health probs are long term but I hope for an improvement soon.

I have had a yearning to visit Hobbycraft for a few weeks, maybe it is something to do with the leaflets that recently arrived and vouchers on the back, but I got my long suffering hubby to drive me there (I can drive but get awful pain in my legs if I go that far).

I have to say it was disappointing. I had a mental list of things I would like, and two vouchers with a plan to split it into two baskets to use both, but I struggled to spend enough to use one!

I wanted to at least look at the Big Shot in black and pink, knowing that I can get it the same price or with some dies for just £7 more with free delivery from Cutting Edge Crafts online. It was in the catalogue, but nowhere to be seen. I mentioned it at the checkout, the girl said "There is one up there I will show you if you like" - off we trotted and it wasn't there. I may have looked to them to be getting on a bit but my eyesight isn't that bad, the Big shot is - well - big - not something easily missed. "We have one out the back would you like me to get it" she offered "Well if it isn't too difficult" I replied - off she went and maybe 20 minutes later arrived back with the blue one, and a colleague and said here it is £69.99. I said "I can get the newer one cheaper - look", producing the print (well I hoped I could find the same kit and haggle it down) - "oh O..K." she said, and went to put it on the shelf at which her colleague told her she shouldn't as it was put out the back for a reason she thought!

So I asked about the new pink Xcut punches, I wanted the ribbon one. The assistant hadn't heard of those.

I have just bought a 120 Prismacolour pencil set on Ebay using my 20% discount code, and I wanted the stumps (not that I really know what they are for yet, I think you blend colours then use them to draw but I am not certain), Sansodor - though I have some other stuff that might be the same, and anything related but I found the stumps all looking dirty and used and quite pricey each.

I looked for anything else that took my fancy, found a small easel and bought that. I have seen them used to display cards in photos and quite fancied one. I also bought two punches from the bargain box, and a bumper bag of stickers and peel offs at half price to give to my youngest niece. I also bought two heart shaped trinket boxes to decorate.

At the checkout the girl told me they don't get the leaflets I got, and seemed quite jealous that I had them. Wouldn't it be an idea for the staff to know what is actually supposed to be on sale in the shop and why it isn't there?



    Hi I read your post... um firstly I can't help you stop spending cuz I am addicted to crafty stash too! But maybe I can help you with your new Prismacolors - they are FAB by the way. I only have the set of 36 and am lusting after one of the big sets! Anyhow take a look at this link, this is where I learned how to use the Prismas with Artist's Low Odour White Spirit (gamsol is just an American brand name for that)


    Once you have watched that video tutorial there are 2 more - if you look on the right had side of the YouTube page you will see it offers you the chance to see more tutorial by this person - the next 2 listed are also about colouring wiht Prismas and Gamsol. Blending Stumps are what I use - also known as Paper Stumps - I got mine from Crafty Stash - think it was under £3 for a set of 5.

    One other tip - the smoother the paper or card stock you are colouring on the easier the pencil colour moves and blends over the suface.

  2. Indded Cazzy the assisants should know I agree. :) :)
    So you have bought the prisma pencils - lovely. I use the coloursoft ones myself and I love them. The totillons or paper stumps are as you say for blending the colours in with the Sansador blending fluid - it is low odour stuff too which is good. :) Hope you have fun with your pencils, can't wait to see your coloured images with them. :) :)


  3. Hi Carol your trip to Hobbycraft seems a bit of an ordeal my friend. I have some of the prisma pencils too and I have to say i don't really find them very easy to use. I know i should practice more, but to be honest i found my aquarelle pencils easier and stick to them. Infact at thinking of selling the prismas. Good luck with yours my friend. Big hugs Linda x

  4. Hmmmm ... shame that the Hobbycraft staff don't have a clue. Hardly inspires confidence does it?


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