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Saturday, 7 June 2008

To pierce or not to pierce?

Ha, I bet you thought this was something else, not about asparagus packaging!

On Friday I bought some microwave in the bag fresh veg and some "fresh" prawns from Tesco Express for my lunch.

My first dilemma was the Asparagus, the potatoes were clearly marked to put on their face and do not pierce, the asparagus had a label that said pierce several times - but as I was about to plunge the knife into the pack (which luckily was still on it's back to read the label) I spotted words across it saying "do not pierce". Well what should I do? I reasoned that the pack was the same sort as the potatoes so put it in and hoped for the best, and the mange tout bag was totally different so piercing was in order!

Then I got to the "fresh" prawns. I hadn't been impressed by the rearrangement of the shelves in the shop where every cooked product had a raw one sitting next to it, and neither was the girl who worked there and had been on holiday. I couldn't find smoked salmon or makerel, so had to settle for the prawns.

As I opened the pack to have with my now cooked veg and put the fork in there was the crunch of ice! I didn't have time to go back, and my veg would have been cold so I had to run the prawns under the cold tap and hope they thawed out, and that my veg was still hot!

I don't think I will repeat that in a hurry!

I had my Messy Crafter award goodies from Margaret "Lonely Crafter" on Card Making and Papercrafts forum today, it is a lovely stamp of an oriental lady carrying a tea tray and some 3d Papermania stickers and I will take a photo tomorrow hopefully.

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