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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Challenge birdie card

I had some new Hero Art stamps today, just in time to make a bird card for the challenge ending Thursday! I bought a few of these collage stamps, not entirely sure how to use them yet, different colours? Same colours like this? Did a little decoupage, should it be in different colour? Then how to put them on a card, well I used this felt border which I think is Queen and Co, can't find the pack! I ruined the first card as I stuck it with tacky glue - too much and it wouldn't dry so I got the heat gun, and it eventually started to melt and singe!
I think the card is missing something in the top right corner, not sure what yet!

I also had more stamps yesterday, but sadly there was a hole in the packet and one little second hand hedgehog stamp escaped!

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  1. Fab card Cazzy, thanks for joining in. Winner will be announced on friday Evening


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