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Monday, 3 September 2007

Theatre blues

A few years ago I worked in an office with a woman who had a small theatre group and asked me to join them. The group consisted of 4 women including me from the office and the mother of one of them.

Once a month we all went straight from work and met up with the others for a meal in a restaurant in Bath, then on to the Theatre Royal to watch a play. We had all voted for the plays we fancied seeing, and the top scoring play was the one we saw.
Then I got promotion to a job that meant I had to work in London for 5 months, then in Bath but travelling to London twice a week. This made it difficult to hook up with the group, in addition one of the group was seriously ill and had to have major surgery and "Mother" also got ill with cancer I heard.

I was reading the local paper and the reviews of what is on at the Theatre Royal this week and realised how much I miss going, despite the really uncomfortable seating arrangements which was for people born in a time when they were all short! I used to fidget a lot I seem to remember, and tried to be in the end seat for aisle room. If the theatre was not full we could move around as two of us were taller than the others!

I must try and get my Hubby interested in going to see a play!

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