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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WOYWW #286

Well here I am again, and maybe WOYWW should be re-purposed to stand for what [oy] won on my workdesk Wednesday (no - that doesn't really work). But on the middle of my workdesk, the space that I work in, is a prize from Pan Pastels, and I got a lovely stencil, a lovely soft colour Pan Pastel and an application sponge. I am really happy that I didn't get the same kit and colours as before.
Also you can see an owl which is a Faery Ink image and was supposed to be entered Faery Ink challenge, but because I was ill for so long I missed it. I am a lot better now, still bunged up and a little deaf and needing to sleep a lot, but so much better than last week. You might be able to see the hat on a Polkadoodles image that I have coloured for a birthday card too. 
I actually lost my voice on Thursday, it came back croaky on Friday, I couldn't get warm and felt really awful for days. 
So I didn't get round to replying to any comments left last week from Saturday onwards, and I apologise for that. I will try and get round this week, although I have had a warning about exceeding my data limits on broadband so I am trying to limit the time I am online, and therefore not turning the computer on until the evening (so by the time I do I will probably be last linking up today).

This is my crochet WIP, do you like the colours together? These are for presents, for my SIL and Niece, and I just hope they both like them.
So to go desk hopping on this wonderful Wednesday hop on over to Julia's place, The Stamping Ground and find out what's buzzing this week!

OK I couldn't wait, I turned on and booted up, I can turn it off again and get on with the day and come back later - right? Anyway sat here in my pjs still, about to drink my herbal brew then go get a shower before getting on with the day. Still feel like the aftermath of the virus is with me, I'm sure I sound croaky still, hard to tell when I am alone!


  1. Congratulations on your win :). Very busy looking desk. Hope you feel better soon. Anita #43

  2. wow looks like lots of fun on our desk! I've wanted to try the Pan Pastels but they are so pricey!! Enjoyed your desk peek! Thanks for sharing,
    Happy WOYWW Ginny #43

  3. Hi Cazzy well I sure do hope you are feeling a lot better soon. So you can get back to your busy looking desk. Yes I agree, lovely colours your are crocheting. Cheers RobynO#34

  4. Had a nice snoop on your desk, thank you! Love the stamped and coloured images as well as that template/stencil. Great design. Love the colour of the peacock greeny blue one. #3

  5. Hi Cazzy hope your virus has gone and your feeling much better .....looking pretty busy is your desk xx

  6. How great that you have won stuff. Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. Lovely colours that you are using for the crochet. Take care of yourself. Anne x #32

  7. Hi Cazzy - congrats on your prizes, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Your desk looks lovely and busily inviting today! Have a great week, and do show the finished crochet projects, won't you? Hugs, Chris # 8

  8. Hope you're feeling better.
    Lucky you to win that large stencil. I don't know panpastels, I assume it's some sort of paint. Anyway, your desk looks nice and busy. I love the owl image.
    Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Have a good week,

  9. A desk full of goodness. I have never tried the pan pastels. But, I think the crayons were the first real art crayon I ever used. Loved those pastels. Thanks for popping by my WOYWW. In answer to your question about the sweaters. I am using previously loved little used sweaters, so deal with whatever color they are.

  10. Thanks for visiting - great busy desk !! Hope you feeling fit & well again soon ! Ali #22

  11. ah Cazzy thanks so much for popping over one great thing about being so late is get to see your fun cards above so glad the sickness didn't affect your brilliance - love them take care, God bless and get better really better, Shaz in oz.x Congrats on PP win, too :D

  12. Ugh, you poor thing, hope by now you're feeling more improved. It really knocked you out huh. I've never got around to Pan Pastels, that's a nice prize...do you use them a lot? Yep, the crochet colours are fab....I'm frantically crocheting squares together now...all these ambitious presents!!


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