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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WOYWW #284

 I've missed a couple of weeks, but it is Wednesday and I hear the call to show and tell at The Stamping Ground, where crafters from all over the world show off their work desks, or work, or something else entirely sometimes!

I've been crocheting madly, the WIP above is a finished Scarfati from a Moogly pattern, and one of two hand/wrist warmers, and a bit of the second. The scarfati caught my attention, you can make it from very little chunky yarn, it is apparently Italian in origin, and you wear one (like a necklace maybe) or two, or even three together, either long, knotted or looped over twice. It doesn't take long to make and I am thinking presents! I need to get more chunky yarn now.
Here is a bit of my work desk, and on it is some Happy Post which arrived today, I won a £20 voucher from That's Crafty for entering the challenge on their challenge blog, very nice and thank you "Mr Random" and Laura at That's Crafty. I decided to buy a Brusho starter set, I wanted to try it because I keep seeing amazing things done with it - I just need to work it out now. I also bought a clouds mask and a Tando printer tray clock kit, had to put £3ish towards it, but postage was free over £20 so it was better to get it along with the order.

 I don't know if I am going to carry on with this one, it is another Scrafati, or supposed to be but this time I used two strands of DK I have had under my desk for years. Many many years ago I fell in love with this yarn and bought some and a pattern and got my Mum to knit me a sweater. That sweater was worn over and over, but every time it was washed it stretched a little until it was like a tunic or dress, and I had to roll the sleeves up! Despite that when I saw a pack of it in a charity shop I snapped it up, and I was using the knitting machine at the time and had it in mind I could make a woven fabric with this on the machine, so it wouldn't stretch! Never happened, and here I am after struggling to use it, wondering what I ever saw in it! I might try a "normal" pattern with one strand to see if it improves!
One of the reasons I didn't post in the past two weeks was that MIL had a mini stroke the day after the last WOYWW where I posted. I have posted something about that previously so won't bore you with details. She is home now and practically back to normal. Before it happened I had bought this yarn to make a cuffed shawl for her. She gets so cold and has problems turning on her fire sometimes despite having a huge knob fitted to it, and she has problems getting her arms into sleeves - so when I saw this pattern it seemed perfect. I made it with shorter "sleeves" because she is short, so I can't model it, so Aunt Sally (well all that is left of her) is doing that job. I managed to find a big button that was the right size and goes with the cream, not fancy but it will do. I might add a crocheted flower brooch to it, haven't decided yet. 
They look lovely in the photos, on any size or body shape, and I was hoping to make myself one in a different colour mix yarn, maybe even the hooded version. It might come in handy when the weather gets really cold.

It is supposed to hang down in a point at the front and back, and you can see the cuffs here, no button in this photo. I found it was curling so blocked it - or rather over blocked it, but I don't think MIL will notice the flattened bits - and it still curls!


  1. Busy girl- I love fibers too! thanks for visiting! and your kind words about my poem!
    robyn 6

  2. Well done you with all the crochet. I've never heard of a scarfati so will have to hunt one out to see what it's like. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier....just so you know we have only fairly recently moved from a large 4 bedroomed house into a small 2 bedroomed house hense the building works planned and I have more than enough stash still in boxes to fill several craft/sewing rooms lol
    Annie x # 26

  3. Hi Cazzy! What is a Brusho? My goodness, I learn more things on these WOWW Blog hops! :) Thanks for the peek at all your projects and interesting purchases. #78

  4. Thanks for popping by! Love your crochet projects! Glad your MIL is doing well, too! Nice looking stash of goodies so between them and the crochet you're going to be quite busy! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #59

  5. Congrats on your winnings! Love the crocheting, what a super idea .....
    have a good week.
    Bishopsmate #58

  6. YAY well done on your happy post. Looks like you're going to be busy playing with your new toys. Thanks for visiting my blog Anita #55

  7. Hey Cazzy, thanks for your visit earlier. It was most certainly NOT a hot tub, it was a freezing cold plunge pool!! Love all the crochet / knitting you have been doing - I especially love the shawl. Great way to spend the winnings - like the look of that clock kit. Cx #19

  8. Love your yarn work this week...your MiL will find that perfect to warm her up :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 32 xx

  9. Cor, loads of deskers have got their yarn out this week! I'm beginning to feel left out!
    Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

  10. Well done on the shawl for MiL - just the thing to cheer her and feel loved, after her stroke. Well done on the win - I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely goodies you make with the new kit. Happy crafting, Chris # 7

  11. Thanks for visiting!
    I like what you'fe doing (crochet) The wrap is really nice. Your MIL will love it especially if she is a cold 'mortal' like me....
    I had to look up Brushos and I must say they look really exciting. Thank you for mentioning those. I never cease to learn here. I'm not good at watercolours (in fact I've never done it) so I might have a go at Brushos if I can get them in Spain.
    Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Have a good week,
    Sorry I'm late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)

  12. Thank you Cazzy for visiting my WOYWDW this week. I like the brown colours in your yarn. Great prizes from your win recently and you will love playing with Brushos!!
    Hope your MIL is better
    x catherine

  13. I hope your MIL has a full recovery. What a beautiful sweater. I love the different shades of brown and I am sure it will keep her toasty warm.
    April #68

  14. Apologies for being so late in visiting but better late than never eh?
    I'm sure your MIL will be so cosy and love your crochet work Cazzy.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Neesie #79

  15. Awesome wrap! I love to crochet too. I am working on infinity scarves for gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Wow super busy ... But I guess it's that time of year. The wrap looks super snuggled
    Janet ... Very late getting round


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