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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Remember When....

This is not my usual thing, I bought a couple of kits on impulse due to them being a bargain price I couldn't resist and I hate cutting out lots of bits! I decided to make a couple of cards up for my brother and father's birthdays, I only took a photo of this one. The kit is Remember When and it is from La Pashe, drawn by the very talented Jak Heath. There was a lot of detail to the woman's skirt and she is behind the bar which make me think that maybe I was supposed to use an aperture card, but then there is no bottom half to the wall behind the bar......


  1. Cazzy this is fab well done Hugs Elaine

  2. Great card, Maybe they were giving you the choice of putting the woman behind or in front of the bar?Love the detail!


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