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Sunday, 4 October 2009

I might have collected a few things from the Cardiff Show!

So what did I collect in the spotty stash collector at the Cardiff show? 

I was being ever so environmentally friendly refusing bags, but when I saw this bag I couldn't refuse it! However I did put it and its contents inside the Spotty Stash Collector which I took to wheeling ahead of me so I could see who I might be going to run over rather than tripping people from behind! Also I got in cheaper than expected as the gorgeous young lady on the front desk made an assumption wrongly and without even asking issued me with a senior ticket!  Now I did briefly feel outraged (and wondered if I looked particularly awful that day after being frozen - see later) but then had to decide whether to protest or take it as a blessing and go in for less, though the chap taking the tickets gave me a strange look.

So what is in the gorgeous bag?  Here it is, Voila, Movers and Shakers dies: I wasn't going to buy anything honest,but they were at a very good price, the smaller card and envelope duo were at £35, the movers inserts were 2 for £12, and the single C6 card was £21.50 which I think is cheaper than I have seen it, I hope so! I also got a loyalty card and points. I resisted the electric Big Shot - for now! (I won't mention the pile of cheap dies I bought from Ellison earlier this week too, or the ones I am eyeing up this week).

I also bought these embossing folders which I thought were Cuttlebug but now I see they are by Crafts Too.  I paid £11 for 3 and £3.90 for one, but I did see them cheaper singly later on.
I bought these from Spike Lee (punch magician) and Sam, though I have this horrible nagging feeling I have bought the template on the right before, must look for it just in case. The shapes and attachment in the pack are to punch scalloped shapes and stars with your Kreaxions punches, was less than £3 so I thought I would try it.
Finally I couldn't resist these little mouse stamps from The Craft Fairy Yvonne.  Had a chat with Yvonne about shows and challenges. I also bought some more of the wire and net elephants, they are decorated with sequins and beads and I made a lovely card using one a while ago, still have three left but bought 4 more just in case!
Now although I clearly had a good time at the show and got round in about three hours including stopping to eat my lunch, I got so cold waiting on Pontpool station for the train, then at Cardiff station for another train, and I had messed up the times in my head (then was told a certain train stopped at Pontypool but when the announcements went up it clearly didn't and the next train that did stop there was another 30 minutes at least) so had a long wait then got a train to Cwmbran instead and had to wait there for my brother to pick me up (another 20 minutes in the freezing cold). Today I am determined to be very warm, so I have been in my winter coat and drinking lots of hot drinks. I put the heating on too.


  1. Hi Cazzy!:)
    I am sorry I never got round to come and visit you lately...Have been busy as ever, I mean, as ever.If I get a chance I will email you so you get a bigger picture of my 'as ever!'...No time to craft, no time to video! REally, hectic. But anyway, thanks for taking time out of your day, to leave me a comment , it actually makes me so very happy:)
    I love your old lady bag, hahahaha, joking! no seriously, its very retro and I would get one like this, i had one , which was turquoise with swilrs on them.I bought it, and my sister laughed at me but guess who borrowed it one day to go to the , mind you, market!! it was her! So, yeah, love the blog candy posts on your blog too...
    Hope you are well Cazzy and one day, i will have to come and visit you, as i would love to see all your crafty yummies! my God you have all the latest gadget and i wanna play!:)
    speak soon Cazzy and take care,

  2. Hi Cazzy, oh my word - and you said you weren't going to buy anything..lol, lol. Your trolley looks fabulous - wouldn't mind one of those. :) And as for the contents, well brilliant that is all I have to say. Some great buys there and hope you enjoy using it 'all'. Don't put anything away where you won't use it again, I know what you are like..lol


  3. BLIMEY! Great stash!



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