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Friday, 2 October 2009

Off to Cardiff show tomorrow

After my disappointment about the Exeter show I am actually going to Cardiff all being well, going to go partly by car and partly by train.

I don't actually want need anything but I am taking my nice new wheeled shopping trolley just so I can carry my lunch you understand!

Check list:
Wheeled shopper - I refuse to believe it is an old lady shopper, it is red and black with polka dots after all...

I have had two days off work, I had planned to do so much but it didn't all happen.  I have had two gorgeous sunny days though, better than August and it is hard to believe it is October apart from the fact the nights are chillier.

Now a week ago we had to get a new kettle, the one we bought in January still worked but the lid mechanism jammed.  So off to Sainsburys who refunded us, then we looked for a new kettle and they didn't have the same one which was a Russell Hobbs and you would expect quality from them.  We found a £20 kettle which had apparently been reduced several times but it was a pull off lid and Hubby didn't trust me not to burn myself, so we ended up with the most expensive kettle in the store which is  Breville Lightning at £40.  The old kettle just lit up blue when it was put on to boil, the new kettle lights up blue when the power is on, red when put on to boil (when it vibrates furiously) and it has a keep warm feature.  Can anyone tell me why you need a keep warm feature on a kettle?

I looked out of my front door this morning and saw a hot air balloon, grabbed the camera and changed lenses and got a good shot of it. I was too slow to get the heron that the dogs scared away, or the yellow wagtail, another day perhaps.

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