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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Should be showing you my DT card but....

Last week Windows 7 arrived despite the postal strike - hooray (I think).

Friday evening I decided to install it, had to do a back up first, and I had to locate and download a backup program for Firefox and in particular Thunderbird as I didn't want to lose all my emails yet again! So I managed that, and backed up then started the install process. I had no idea it would take so long, was it because I chose full install over upgrade?
Well I sat there into the early hours waiting to put in the key, did that then got told after it rebooted again that I had a fake copy of Windows, and would I like to register online, buy a licence or re-enter the key? I re-entered and all seemed well, left it and went to bed.
Yesterday I found that all my files and programs had been moved to a folder called "Windows Old", I did see a warning that it would move old windows program files to this folder, and my simple brain assumed it meant actual Windows files not everything!
The warning also mentioned something about being able to see them but not to use them. This means that many of my programs do not work, and even if I copy them into the right place again they still do not work.
I tried re-installing my internet security program and got an error message saying there was a file that would make my PC unstable so it wouldn't be installed, but luckily I found I could download the latest version which according to Kapersky is the only compatible version, and use it with my existing licence key. Phew.
Now onto the DT card for this week, I cannot get the Cannon Zoombrowser software to work, I am now having to resort to installing an XP version from disk and hoping it will install so I can update it, as the full program no longer seems to be available from Cannon online. I know I must have a download of the Vista version somewhere in my old files, but I can't find it - unless it is on one of the back up disks prior to Friday, deep joy!
So that is the program that grabs my photos from the memory card or camera, then I need a photo editing program and that means I need to try and get Serif working which I haven't yet got to.

Sooooo, to get to the point, I had to email my photos to Fe from the memory card and she has got them onto Quirky Crafts forum for Challenge 15, in fact I might be able to grab a copy from there to show you here......

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