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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I have become a follower of my own blog - help!

I thought I was clicking to follow Littleted and ended up following my own blog, and I can't work out how to undo that - any ideas?

Don't panic - I worked it out and am now not following myself though it would explain a lot of things!


  1. LOL Cazzy are you stalking yourself...lol
    Glad you got it sorted. :)

    oooh soo your craft room is looking better then all ready for the big weekend..good luck with it. :)


  2. LOL Sounds like the sort of thing I'd do.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog stuff.


  3. Cassy....great cards and SLIDE show!! Thank you for linking my blog to from yours!!! Good luck!!


  4. LOL! Thank you for following me Cazzy, this new Followers box is quite confusing, I nearly did the same thing the other day!

  5. I quite often meet myself coming back...but as yet I haven't followed myself!!
    Lovely cards!!


  6. hehe Cazzy! glad you got it sorted!

  7. Cazzy, you have won my blog candy!! Congratulations, please can you send my your address via the 'email me' link on my blog, so I can send you your candy goodies!

  8. Whoooo hooo, thanks Justine. I am wondering how to get my details to you as your email link doesn't work on my Son's PC and my new one won't be here until next week sometime.

    Can you reply with your email so I can contact you? I won't publish it I promise!

    Cazzy x


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