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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Coughing and sneezing

I just realised why I am coughing, choaking and sneezing, I have been tidying, yes tidying, my craft room that won the award for the messiest craft room not that long ago. Why you might ask? Well if the card turns up we are having a wedding invite workshop at the weekend, now I just had to make some space and I have even vacuumed up some major dust that was lurking, and you can see the rug! Not sure I will find everything again though.

I also need to clean the bathrooms and kitchen before Friday night and after work, and I still have tidying to do in a couple of places or three (like the two chairs - people might actually want to sit on them), and I am supposed to be stamping images for Linda, and making cards......

Also the PC has not arrived or any indication of when it will, that will make it a bit tidier but I will have a lot to do setting it up (catching up and doing blog candy) so it is bound to arrive when I don't have the time.


  1. sounds like you have been very busy!! i have something for you on my blog-i always like reading you post and seeing your great creations!!!

  2. Good luck with your workshop, and your tidying... see, this is what happens when crafting time takes over from housework time.


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