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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day all

I was going to make St Patrick's day cards, no idea if they would sell but I didn't get round to it, I have green, I have the stamps - what a waste! Ah well there is always next year!

I am trying to restore all my photos and to my dismay I cannot find my back up disk from a few weeks before the old PC went wrong. It isn't where it should be and I am turning everything upside down and inside out trying to find it. Can find April, which is not a lot of good. I have had to search the web for drivers and programs that are Vista compatible and I haven't tried reinstalling Robo yet. Have got the photo software on but where is that backup disk?

I have found out I can put my old hard drive in my new PC without invalidating the warranty, so I may have to try that and hope it is still working. I have cleared out a whole carrier bag full of PC mag cover disks while looking so that is good.

So I will get to posting photos to catch up, snow, cards, donkeys etc, and that blog candy I promised.

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