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Friday, 9 January 2009

I used to be indecisive - but now I can't make up my mind

It has taken me a month to choose my new upgrade mobile phone, so the computer stands no chance! I keep going onto sites and configuring a PC, don't need a screen etc, and they always end up around £1,000 and that is not with much on site support if any.

I think I will have to stop picking things I really won't use - I mean what use is a bluetooth recorder when I don't have a player and can you actually buy bluetooth blank disks? I quite like the fancy cases and the blue neon light and matching blue fans.

Lets just hope I like the phone as it is an 18th month contract though they have reduced it from £15 per month to £10 per month (plus VAT which they neglect to mention) which took it to about £17 per month will now be about £11.50 which I think is good even if I don't get any signal in the valley on the way to work which is where the car is bound to break down if it is going to, then I will have to walk up hill for a mile or two before I can ring for help, or go in the pub! (In fact the signal isn't great at home either.). This is for loads of anytime any network minutes and texts, which I never use many of (could be due to duff signal) so they are happy to lop loads of money off the bill to keep me.

While searching endlessly for reviews and reading and re-reading them I looked at a review of my current phone and to my amazement found that there is a little round mirror next to the camera flash which is to look in so you can take self portraits. I had to try it but the results were so awful I deleted them, starting with 5 chins, then scary woman!

There is also the matter of the last two bills, I rang and picked the I want to leave option when I got a bill for the full £27 with no discount. I apparently had reached the end of my contract but they hadn't warned me, in fact I had a text saying I was on the best contract! So a guy called Kevin said he would refund me the discount upgrade me to the new contract and phone and gave me a list of choices. I had his extension to ring back and if he wasn't there leave a message and he would ring me. I did this but he didn't ring. So by this time the next full price bill arrived. I finally made the decision on the phone now I am worrying I should have picked the other one of the two I narrowed it down to.

I asked the woman I spoke to today, as Kevin was once more not there, what about the refund I was promised, now I have two bills - she sounded sort of choked but agreed to it! Phone is on its way, should be here by Monday.

Once I get my new PC I will be back to loading photos and blogging properly, and visiting all the forums again and sorting out the candy!

I was gob smacked to find on each configuration of a PC you can pay extra to get them to build it quicker! What a cheek, another £30 to £50 to build something you are about to pay up to £1,000 for, and if you would like the cables tidied and fixed you can pay extra for that too.

I had a nice surprise parcel turn up today, some lovely sale goodies from Stamps.co.uk that I had forgotten I had ordered. Lovely brads, vellum, a punch, a snowboarder stamp to make my son's next birthday card next Dec, some tie brads, some Chinese coins and some Christmas light embellishments. Lovely. I also had a PB stamp arrive, to add the the stamp mountain. I need more Tuff boxes now.

I have got the numbers for the wedding invites we need to make so I can get the card, I have ordered a sample pack and a few sheets of card and envelopes from Inspire Me Papers, and I am looking at Craft Creations as they have the card that has been picked from my stash. I am looking for very pale green vellum for inserts, but I have found pale green card so maybe we can reverse the design and have green card and cream inserts. Will see what it looks like and maybe do some sample cards.

I am off to the craft show in Exeter this month so might find something there but I am not holding out a lot of hope as I often don't find what I want in the card department at shows now. This is one of my birthday treats, a few nights in a hotel, visit the show and visit the donkey sanctuary on the way home and see my new adopted donkey Timothy, also a Chrimbo pressie! Hope DH has lined up DS to dog sit, he doesn't always think of asking!

Does anyone know if 23cm width satin ribbon is likely to go though a punched hole without it being huge? I don't think so, we may have to arrive at a compromise here! Chiffon ribbon would do it, or narrower ribbon or the holes may be out and another method might have to be used, not sure what at this point in time.

Yesterday while shopping in Sainsburys I spotted a pair of sparkly denim jeans half price, one left in hopefully my size. I bought them and they fit so I wore them to work today, leaving glitter all over my office chair. When my hubby saw them he asked if I had been cardmaking (well I often end up accidently with the same effect).

I have a whole load of Debenhams sale jeans and trousers and skirts to try on tomorrow to see if any fits my fat bod, and what to send back. I ordered two different sizes of each thing where they had it in case one fits better, hopefully I will get some new work trousers out of it at least and not have to send everything back which would be very depressing. All the tops I liked were out of stock or at least in my size.


  1. Good luck with the new computer. Thanks for linking to my candy and good luck in the draw. Kim

  2. Have just "discovered" your blog and, for what it's worth, would like to add my two-pennyworth re computers. I go through pc's like doses of salt!! If they last two years I've done well. When I needed to replace my machine at the beginning of this week I decided enough was enough and I would no longer specify exactly what I thought a pc needed to have. So, went to Comet and "splashed" out on a HP tower model number AS6623UK for a penny under three hundred pounds. Took it home, plugged it in and it did everything it needed without my assistance. 3gigs/500mg memory running Vista Windows Home Premium. It remains to be seen how long it will last but, right now, it's a brilliant machine which I'd heartily recommend to anyone.

    Good luck with the decision!


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