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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Beware B&Q bamboo toilet seats

The highlight of my weekend has been shopping for toilet (john, dunny, loo) seats, and we found a lovely looking bamboo seat (made in China where they know a lot about bamboo) which we thought would be perfect.

I noticed the lid was different to normal but thought it was the design, so carpenter hubby fitted the seat and it looked nice.

Now I noticed something strange when I sat on it, it wasn't comfortable (too much detail?), but in the morning I had a good look at it and the whole thing was upside down. The curved edges were all on the bottom (of the seat, which you can tell is not good), and the edges were on the top.

In addition to this it looked like the hole was perfectly drilled in what should have been the lid. So I rang B&Q and was told to bring it in for exchange if they had one that was right, but I knew the display one was the same.

Help desk sent me to kitchens where I explained all over again to a bemused salesman, and when I showed him the display one he had to agree it was not right. So he opened every box, all the same, rang another store - same.

As we left clutching our refund he was emptying the shelves!

Now we are toilet seatless in the ensuite, will have to try and remember later on in the dark to go use the other bathroom.

Changing the subject completely I have actually made a card this evening, a Valentine's card. I used the lovely free stamp set I got with Card Making and Papercrafts and I might see if I can sneak it onto my son's PC so I can show you but not tonight.


  1. Oh honey your poor bottom..... nothing worse than sitting on a bad loo seat though...

    Thank you for entering my blog candy....

    Be careful in the dark tonight...

    Lorraine xxx

  2. Oops! Wonder if someone had too much Christmas spirit when they produced this batch! LOL


  3. Oh Caz
    Thank you so much for making Gordon and i chuckle what a lovely story to stop those Monday blues.
    Hope your bums have recovered and have a good look before you buy the next seat.
    Love and smiles
    Rob and Gord


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