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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back to normal now

Well what passes for normal. The trimmings are all down, the visitors are gone, and it is back to work tomorrow. Shame I was incapacitated for a lot of the holidays so didn't do all I wanted to do, it is still sitting here looking at me!

We have a decision on the wedding invites now so I just need to know the numbers and get some vellum samples.

I also need to either order a new PC or see if I can get the old one fixed, until then I am restricted and can't load photos, or do what I want. I need to get Robo going for one thing, and it won't work on this PC for sure, or a new one until I get Graphtec to sort it out. When the PC was "fixed" about a year ago it took ages to get Robo working again.


  1. hey Cazzy glad you are back to normal...shame you couldn't get down what you wanted to..:) I know that feeling I am still in bed with the flu..it is just lasting sooo long....but it can only get better eh. :)

    Good luck in sorting out your PC or buying a new one?
    Great that a decision has been made on the invites...really hope you enjoy doing them..:)

    Take care


  2. Glad things are returning to normal for you now - sorry to hear about the pc, hope you get it sorted soon.


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