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Saturday, 6 October 2007

New challenge card and printer probs

This card is for a distressed and worn challenge and is my first attempt at distressed proper! I used a Hero Arts stamp with some travel paper that I can't recall the source of, ribbon and a chipboard buckle, and sepia ink pad wiped onto cream hammered card for an aged effect (hopefully).

I have left a gap at the bottom for a greeting when I decide who is getting this card, I think it will be for my son's girlfriend's birthday that is soon as they are going on two holidays afterwards!

I was thinking of trying to print a greeting on Safmat to rub on the chipboard, but I forgot the printer is out of ink, and I haven't bought more because I think it is faulty and as it costs about £68 to refill and extra if I try cleaning cartridges first I am going to buy a new one. The trouble is I can't decide which one to get out of about 5! I am tempted to go for an A3 printer but then I don't know what I would do with A3 size photos. Some of them print on thick media so that has tempting possibilities for crafting, one has a gold award but is not an A3 printer and doesn't print thick media. Epson has a good review but the print heads aren't changeable and that is what is wrong with my current one, after only a few years it is heading for landfill! HP and Canon do printers with replaceable print heads, and they have good reviews too.
The prices vary between £200 and £450, but I need one now.

Children do not listen, my 29 year old son didn't! He was looking to book a holiday and needed to print the confirmation. I said if you print anything change it to black and white! He printed first then asked if I could change it to black and white as it wouldn't print the second page - by then he had used the last drop of cyan and once any colour has emptied Epson's stop printing even if you set it to black! That is another thing I don't like about them! Put another colour in says DS, I don't have any I said! Flippin Heck, I told him to do it for a reason, now we can't print anything until I get a new printer - better make that decision I suppose!

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