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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

WOYWW #301

 I promised I would be here for #300 and I just couldn't do it, it seems like just when things are getting you down life comes along and kicks you again! I won't go into details today but we are under a lot of stress once more and waiting for results which could be bad.
I had cellulitis again too, while we were staying with my son and daughter in law and little grandson, so once more I had to go to Hemel Hemsted hospital for antibiotics, I have finished them now but couldn't carry on with my crochet or do much until it had healed up again, I hope it has healed up completely, I'm not sure it has totally gone.
Anyway now I am sitting here with a numb mouth due to toothache which kept me up all night, and I have some pain relief inserted into the tooth after an emergency dental appointment this afternoon and it seems I have an irreversible infection on the nerve and I will be having root canal treatment. I also have bad sciatica in my left leg and the same pain in my arm (arm sciatica??), so a lot of pain and none of this relates to the problem I mentioned.

The photo above is part way through decluttering magazines, I couldn't just pick up the pile and dump them could I? I had to flick through in case there is something "vital" I need, and the open mags around the space are those with something that interested me. So take out the pages and file them I hear you say, been there done that and ended up with files full of pages I never look at again so I have decided I need to try all of the things here then chuck the magazine away. I did get rid of a pile of mags about 2 foot high! I have an idea, which might not happen - if I can dig my way to the box of offcuts I can either put the box of yarn under it (that's the easy option, I can do that for sure), OR I can give all of the offcuts to the neighbour for the school to use (shock horror) and fill the box with more yarn.
I have decided that the ideal solution would be to get that Really Useful Storage mini unit that you use as a desk and it expands to double the size when you work and is full of RUBs which all of the stuff on the desk could go into. BUT it costs a lot of money, not sure I can justify it at the moment lol, and what about all of the stuff under the current desk, where would that go?
The other side of the desk, I have dropped a few things that need picking up again - can you tell? There are lots of things still to be sorted and put away, mostly stamps.
If I had that lovely Really Useful unit how tidy it all could be...........

I bought a couple of balls of that novelty ripple scarf yarn at a show, it was only £1 a ball, not sure I really like these scarves and I wasn't happy when halfway though there was a knot in the yarn, but I carried on until I hit a broken part! I had to undo it, check the whole thing and start again and I had to use the whole ball or it would have been too short, knots and all.

Have I shown you this before? Apologies if I have. A friend's daughter is expecting any day now, and we don't know the gender so I hope this 12 pointed star blanket in contemporary colours will be acceptable for either boy or girl and I hope it is big enough, I tried it on Captain Cuddles. Pattern was from Inside Crochet, I didn't add the pom poms to each point for H&S reasons.

Hop on over to The Stamping Ground if you want to go on the best desk hop around.


  1. The star shaped blanket is beautiful :) I am sure it will be well loved. Shel@paperocotillostudio #74

  2. Lovely blanket, sure to be loved by its new owner. The scarf is different and does look a bit fiddly ...but then I don't knit or crochet. Do hope things start going better for you so you can get in amongst all those crafty goodies and play. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

  3. Gorgeous blanket, I'm sure your friends daughter will love it. Sorry you are feeling unwell, hope you feel much better soon, not much fun when you can't. Craft
    Jan s. No 57

  4. I hope your tooth pain has subsided. I've had a couple of root canal treatments...it's not torture, but they are long and a bit boring! I love the blanket, what a sweet shape. I don't think the RU unit would change much...you'd still have stuff out and on the floor because like me, you like it to be to hand and want to see it to remind you to use it! I'm over the magazines too. Dumped all mine a while back and now have just last years - scrapbook and Craft Stamper. Everything comes around again and I therefore don't think I'm missing out. After all, if you aren't looking at ripped out and filed pages, you arent looking at magazines...you could scan articles that really interest you rather than giving yourself a huge task of trying each technique you fancy before you can dump the mags. It's all on You Tube too, really. Will be thinking of you in terms of health and medical news. xx

  5. Captain Cuddles looks real comfy in the lovely blanket. I just started going through my old collection of People magazines (I have a lot with the sexiest man alive on the cover) (would you believe 1998 and earlier?) and realize that this is a loooooonnnnnnggggg term project. Shiny thing alert. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope today is better for you. Drop by if you get a chance.

    Pat #78

  6. oh, I am sorry you are in such pain with the cellulitis, your tooth and all I can't imagine how terrible you must feel. Sending well wishes your way. As for your craft room, magazine problems and other things that need putting away. I started storing my paper pads (12x12) in storage bins on their sides that way I could lift and see which paper pad it was, they are stored under my desk so i just pull them out like a cart and slide them back under when done. My yarn is in a storage tube as well. lol In my closet. When it comes to magazines that's a tough one, too. I got these little book binders from an office supply store and placed them in a 3-ring binder. Then go through them every once in a while if i haven't looked at them within 6 months I don't go through I just throw out. Otherwise I will keep it again. lol My husband says I'm a hoarder, I say I am just saving him money. lol Plus I look on Youtube or pinterest. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs ~ deborah

  7. I pressed enter - wanted to add that your baby blanket is just so beautiful, your friend's daughter will just love it. It's just the right size and i think it's beautiful without the pompoms. I love the scarf it's just gorgeous, the color is just lovely. Hugs~


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