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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WOYWW #289

It's official desk nosy day today, just about still Wednesday! This is not on my desk but I was so amazed by the size of it compared to the butternut squash. It came in my veg box this week, with some free mistletoe as well, and it is a spagetti squash. I just need to work out what to do with it! The striped squash is now a year old, I wonder if it is still edible?

On my desk yesterday, I treated myself to a whole set of new crochet hooks by Knit Pro, loads of people swear by them and I thought they might be easier on the hand than the straight ones.
Also sitting there is a set of stamps I won from Visible Image, part of their new release - I'm so lucky at the moment (well in some ways)! Still not had a go at fixing the handle on the die cutter.

What should be on my desk is last minute Christmas cards, I still have loads to make, not even started the labels or list or writing any yet!

This is my crochet jumper WIP which has grown a lot since last week. I know hooks can vary but I couldn't resist trying out one of my new hooks on the last sleeve, bad idea, I only did a couple of rows but it was a lot smaller than the first sleeve so I abandoned that idea (and began to wonder if my purchase was such a good idea) and went back to the vintage plastic hook I was using. You can't really see it here but the yarn is full of pink sequins so has a sparkle that will be good for Christmas (if I don't look like a mad teletubbie).

On the plus side, I told you I was going for a big declutter of craft stuff at any price. Well I put it all on ebay, some bundled, all at low starting prices and the majority of it sold. Most of it went for the lowest price or not a lot more except for one alphabet die set which went for far more than I expected. Now I have a bit more space and thinking about what else I can get rid of!

Edited to say: I forgot to mention that instead of taking the faulty washing machine to the tip I put it on eBay, I have seen parts for it go for silly money and figured someone might buy it to sell the parts. It did sell, for £29, so that can go towards the cost of the new one, and it was a nice man who wanted to repair his Sister's machine!

Also we went to Bath in order to spend a £5 Debenham's voucher that they sent me, which had to be redeemed by Christmas Eve. As well as petrol, it cost £3.10 for parking, but I spent that £5 - on a salt and pepper mill tray to catch the bits. Shaun decided he wanted something in M&S and wanted to get the Oxfam voucher that you get for donating M&S clothes. There was a pair of my too big M&S linen trousers in there, we stopped by the local Oxfam only to find they were closed for a few hours, so set off on a route march to try and find a shop in Bath. Mission accomplished we headed back down Milsom Street to spend the vouchers. He bought socks, I bought some thermal leggings and some PJs, I don't normally wear PJs but wanted to try them, I normally wear a nightshirt/nightdress alone. Getting older and feeling the cold I guess.

If you want to go desk hopping or find out all about it, head on over to The Stamping Ground where Julia will explain all!


  1. Hi, there, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I used to crochet, but that was in my youth. And I'd never change hooks mid-project, so go finish the pink one with the original hook, and play with your new hooks later.

    Oh, and don't you know the rule for finding a lost crafty item is to buy a replacement? Works every time.

    Leslie #45

  2. Amazing how hooks vary isn't it...and I find the ones with the handles make my tension tighter for sure. Interesting. I love the pink sparkly yarn, very cheerful indeed. A trip to Bath to spend a fiver....I thought you were going to tell me that you did all that shopping and then forgot to use the voucher! just me then?!!
    you probably gathered last week that I don't have verification on by choice...like you, I choose to moderate comments.

  3. Love all your new crochet hooks! I recognized that spaghetti squash right away as I grow them and eat them all summer. You can either boil or bake it until it's a little tender to the touch. Then slice it open vertically and use a fork to scrape out the long strands that look like spaghetti. The seeds are all in the middle, and you'll remove those. Then saute your spaghetti squash in some butter or olive oil and add what you like, such as mushrooms, parmesan cheese...yummy!

  4. Merry Christmas Cazzy, and thanks for visiting my blog this week.
    New hooks look interesting, I have all the crochet hooks that were my Mom's and GMas........and that is a bunch!! I get them out once in a while and have a go at something SIMPLE and quick. Crocheting tends to make my hands ache now a days. (yes I'm that old.....and wear PJs in the winter too...LOL)
    I think you will really enjoy the spaghetti squash, follow Sandy's instructions, they are the best way to cook them.

  5. Thanks for visiting- even a humble comment on my Quietfire blog hop post will enter you ion a prize drawing- you don't have to do them all! Brilliant to see the old washer for parts! Hope you enjoy the new hooks. Love your busy desk.
    robyn 7

  6. Good to see your crochet project growing so well ! Ali #17

  7. Hi Cazzy, Got excited when I saw your desk cause I thought the hooks were pens!!! That is a huge squash! Have a blessed Advent season! patsy

  8. I was surprised to read of those hooks Cazzy and must admit dont have issues with old one anyway .. when do get around to crotchet :D love the new jumper well done - and likewise on sales :D
    Happy WOYWW, and every blessing of the CHRISTmas season, Shaz in Oz.x #4

  9. Happy WOYWW - hope you've got your cards posted now as you'll miss the last post... it's come from nowhere lol!! Helen #1

  10. Can I pop back when you post the teletubbi pictures lol.
    It's such a busy time of year so much to do and the only time I hate shopping.. Too many people
    The pro knit n
    Hooks are so much more comfortable to hold ... You won't regret it on the next projects
    Have a great christmas
    Janet @13


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